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Hi all - I had a wonderful natural childbirth for my son, but also got a not-so-wonderful 4th degree tear (along with an episiotomy) during the final stages of his birth. After about 3 weeks I was feeling good and almost normal again, then I started feeling a tight, tugging pain that I thought was due to some of my stitches. I saw my MW yesterday and it turns out that I have a small hematoma on my perineum, and that is the source of the pain. It is small enough that we are not going to do anything (unless it gets worse, I guess). But this is so discouraging! I'm back to having trouble sitting, going to the bathroom, etc. (which I had mostly gotten past).

So have any of you experienced a hematoma after childbirth? What was it like for you? Do you have any advice for the healing process? Thanks!