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How emotional are you?

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Ok so i finish a long day of work, grab my girls and we head to Wal-Mart to pick up couple things WELL while being excited about being able to park in a expendant mothers/parent with small children spot (both apply) i misjudged my distance from the vehicle in the next spot and hit their back end...it was MINOR just a small scratch but of course he wants to go through insurance and call the police (they didn't even bother to come)...now i've been driving for some time and I've never been in an accident big or small so this process is not familar to me...I followed buddies lead and we exchanged info and such and went on our way, which i managed to do in a calm mannor especially infront of my kids....But while in wal-mart my eyes are all tearing up and i'm having a tough time keeping it together...I come home and phone my husband and once he answered i lost it, poor guy was probably thinking i got into major collision...and even after i managed to mumble how minor it actually was i still couldn't stop crying...now i'm sure that if i weren't pregnant this would not have affected me the same way...
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I think I would have teared up in that situation, pregnant or not, so I don't think you overreacted. And depending on the day, I might have lost it on the phone with my husband. But, to answer your "subject" question, in general I'm not (yet) feeling more emotional pregnant than I did pre-pregnancy. I'm 12 1/2 weeks and think my emotions are pretty normal (normal for me, that is).
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lol.... i'm an emotional train wreck. everything makes me cry, or snap or just whatever highly charged emotion you need at the time.

I think you did pretty good... I would have started bawling at the guy. but i'm emotional already with out being pregnant.

my emotions were actually a tipper that i was pregnant.. Dh made a comment about being moody and i lost it anger crying the whole nine yards.....
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During the first trimester my emotions were all over the board. I could, and would, change emotions 3 times in 5 minutes. LOL

Now, it's not so bad. I know that my emotions are more under control, but they are still a bit out of whack as things that usually wouldn't affect me, do so.
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The littlest thing can make me cry right now, so you're not alone.
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Well, I'm ridiculously emotional anyway (non-pregnant) , so right now I'm crying over everything. The other day at work I stepped away twice to cry over things that would have been nothing a few months ago. I also seem to cry over every commercial/TV show/billboard I see.

To address the OP, I would have cried like a baby from the minute I made first contact.
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Yes, I'm extremely emotional. It's strange to me because I'm normally not. Cried today because my 3 year old was whining all morning and then I spilled about 1/4 of a gallon of milk, and I was just very frustrated. I've talked about this before in other posts, but I'm just crying all the time-in public, at home, whenever.
I would have totally started bawling on the spot if I got in an accident, even a minor one like yours.
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I haven't cried about anything, but I've noticed my temper is really getting out of hand. I had the same thing happen when I was pregnant before, but it didn't start until my third trimester. I told DH that I need to finish the Christmas shopping early this year otherwise I know I'll snap at some point if I end up shopping in the crowds around the holidays.
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[QUOTE=Aliy;15855960my emotions were actually a tipper that i was pregnant.. Dh made a comment about being moody and i lost it anger crying the whole nine yards.....[/QUOTE]

That's funny that you say that cause a few days before i found out i was pregnant i was in a food court trying to find a place that sold a burger/sandwhich and salad...I was trying to lose a bit of weight and didn't want the fries; well no one had side salads you had to get fries and by the time i went to Arby's i yelled at the manager about how ridiculous it was that they didn't have salads then went back to the table where my family was already eating and just started balling which sure i might have been upset about the salad thing but not to cry about it....and yeah my husband had asked if i were pregnant and i didn't think so so i just blew it off as him being a smart ass...lol hmmmm
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Originally Posted by dizzysmom View Post
I've noticed my temper is really getting out of hand.
This is where I am at right now! And the worst part is that it's just 0 to 60 in no time, kwim? All of a sudden I'm so mad!

I'm a little emotional too, but I don't know if that's any different than usual for me!
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I am definately more emotional, I'm 12 weeks, 6 days. My dh, dd and I moved in with my mom because my dad passed away in november and we thought we'd keep her company and save some money for a house at the same time. Well, I have been happy, sad, mad, freaked out for soo many different reasons, and it changes all the time. One day I'm soo excited about having another baby, the next I'm wondering what am I doing?, even though I've been waiting soo long for a second. The stupidest things make me cry and I've noticed I've become more emotional about my dad passing lately than I have been recently. It's definately a roller coaster ride!
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