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So I just turned 29 on Monday. I am pregnant with my third child. It seems like I am the only person my age with any kids IRL, let alone my third pregnancy. I was wondering how many women here are in their 20s and how many kids do you have?

I got married at 21 and had my first at 22. My kids are basicly 4yrs apart from eachother. Most of my peers spent their 21st year drunk or partying. I spent it pregnant. I'm sure they have more regrets than I do. I like being a young mom.

How about you?
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I'm 26 pregnant with my 3rd. I was married at 22, had my first when I was 23, second right after my 25th birthday, and this one will be born a couple of months after I turn 27. My mom was 28 when she had me and I was the youngest of 3 so it doesn't seem to unusual to me. Of course I live in a military community where there are a lot of 18/19/20 year olds having their 1/2/3 even 4 child.

I don't know if Im considered "young" for having 3 children. I talked to an OB nurse the other day who was surprised I was as old as I was (she had pegged me for 22/23 and my girls for being closer together). I guess in the community I am in right now by 26/27 a lot of women are "done" with their 2-3 kids and are moving on to partying/going to college whatever. Its like people do things backwards over here from what Ive been told, they have kids first and then they want to party/go to college/start careers whatever. I went to college, spent 4 years in the military and then started a family, I don't know if I did things backwards or if people tend to do things out of wrack when they are in the military. I do see a lot of teen brides over here (Ive met 5 in the past month that had to have their parents sign their wedding license, that seems a lot to me), maybe its just an overseas thing too.
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I'm 26 and on #4&5 I got married at 19 and had my other 3 at 20, 22, and 24. I should be 27 when these 2 are born (my bday is in Dec). I live in Utah though and having a lot of kids at a young age is pretty normal lol.
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I'm 27 and preggo with number 2. My DS will be 2 in October. We're pretty much the only 20-somethings we know with kids. Its a bit lonely since all of our friends don't really understand what bed time, etc means. haha. But I love being a mom at this age, and honestly its not THAT young. My mom had me when she was 19. Great, I just realized that I called us all old, which we definitely are not. LOL.
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I'm 32 and pregnant with my 3rd, but in my area I feel like the absolute youngest person to have kids! My SIL just turned 30 and her youngest is almost 3, so she's a younger mother.
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I'm 23 and on my 3rd. I also spent my 21st birthday pregnant. All of my friends are about 5 years older than me, and nobody has even settled down yet, so I imagine it'll be years before they have kids. I was married at 19 though, and had my first 6 months later. She was my honeymoon baby, btw. A micropreemie. Not bad counting.
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I am 31 now but i was also pregnant on my 21st birthday, i'm still usually younger than the other moms at my kids school and in my mommy group only one girl is younger than me and only by a year.
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i just turned 26 and pregnant with my third. I was married at 20 baby by 22 next one at 24 and this one at 26.....
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i'm 26 and this is number 2.

got pregnant at 24, had my son at 25.

everyone else i know my age is either just married or still single. all of my mommy friends are a good 5-10 years older than me.

but we got married young, too...at 21.
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I'm 27, and will be 28 when this baby is born. This is my second baby. I feel totally normal age wise. I think there are advantages to kids when you're younger and when you're older. This is what works for us. If anything I almost wish I could already have one or two more. My mom had twins at 47, and I just don't want to have kids that late. I guess a lot depends on your community as to whether you feel young, old, or just middle
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I'm 26 and will be when this baby is born, it's #2 for me. I had DS at 24, got married at 25 and now we're on #2.

In my area I am def. one of the youngest moms, especially for my second pregnancy. I remember when I first went to a baby music class w/DS, people were confused if I was his mom for a while (he esp. looked just like his dad when younger)

I have a few mom friends who are closer in age here, but I'm still the youngest by at least a couple of years. My college friends aren't even close to having kids. DH and I joke, they'll be starting w/babies when we'll have teens - which is most likely how it will turn out - and that's fine w/me.
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I'm 27 and will be 28 when this one is born. I was 24 when pregnant and 25 when I gave birth to my first.

Here, it seems like it's all over the place. I definitely don't feel like the youngest mom, but I'm certainly nowhere near being the oldest either. It might depend on which circle you look at as far as who has children and who doesn't. Your single friends are probably more likely than your married friends to be childless, etc.
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I'll still be 25 when this one is born. I was married at 17 and had my first at 19. My friends with children are all a few years older than me but I've never felt "too young".
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Got hitched at 19 but it took us awhile for #1 to arrive. Recently turned 29 and Im pregnant with my second healthy pregnancy. DD arrived when I was 25. Some of my friends have kids and some don't.
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I'm 26 and having my second. My first is 3. My dh's 'rule' was that we'd be "done" by 30 so however we wanted to have, we'd have IN our 20's. We both have 'young' parents also so I guess it's just how we do it in our family

Also, DH and i started dating at 16, went to highschool and college together, got engaged after our freshmen year of college, got married 3 months after we graduated college and started our family right away. Unfortunately lost our first pregnancy at 12 weeks but then had DS right away after.

I am SO happy we did it this way. We also have great careers and own our own house...I too see many of my peers still in the "partying" world and I don't miss it AT. ALL. I have wanted to get married and have babies since the moment I met dh at 16 so I did all the "right stuff" first (graduated college, got a job) and then started poppin' out babies

I should also mention that of my friends are in their 30's and 40's. I occasionally meet up with an old highschool or college friend, but my now/relevent/current friends are all older than me.
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I am 28 and having my first but I am one of the last of my friends having their first child. We had decided not to have children until I woke up one morning and decided we needed one lol.
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I'm 25 and this is baby number two for us. B. is 4.5 and will turn 5 in early February. I was 19 when I got married, 20 when B. arrived. We have a couple of friends that are now having their first, which is kind of interesting as we're already navigating preschool and getting ready for kindergarten.

Our original "plan" was to start having kids around this time... B was a complete surprise (CTA at the time) and this baby was a result of a really late ovulation and us deciding that we were tired of waiting around for it so we'd just see what happened. I've been ready for baby #2 since B was about 2 years old, this is a very welcome blessing for us.
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I can relate!

I was pregnant with DS when I was 16 and delivered when I was 17! I was always the babysitter or a really "bad" girl to people who viewed me. I can only imagine. When he started school I was just in my 20's and now that he is in grade 7 I am 28. Most parents of his friends are in their 40's some even in their 50's!

I had DD when I was 27 and people just assumed that she was my first. This baby will be born when I am 29.

This is my last so it feels great to be "done" before 30!
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I'm 26 and will be 27 when my third is born. My mom had her third when she was 42, so growing up I always knew I wanted to have children fairly young, (though not quite as young as I did). We're probably going to have 1 more after this baby, and it would be nice to be done at 30.

Maternal age seems to vary quite a bit regionally, but it's also hard for me to gauge since I spend my time with a stay-at-home AP crowd. I'm currently living in Minneapolis, and I would say most women start having their babies in their late 20s or early 30s. I'm definitely one of the youngest moms I know, but I'm sure there are plenty of other young moms around here who may not SAH or are not involved in AP.

When I lived in Berkeley, CA, it seemed as though women were waiting until their 40s to even start having kids. However, a few cities over, there were plenty of teen and 20s moms. When we moved to Portland, OR, I noticed more young moms, several of whom were SAHMs and led a more natural life-style.
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Originally Posted by trekkingirl View Post
So I just turned 29 on Monday.
Happy Birthday BTW!
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