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I'm chiming in late, but I just wanted to say that I am struggling to nurse twins- also had tongue tie- and your perseverance is inspiring!  Please keep us posted as things progress.  Sending good milk vibes from one multiple mama to another!

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Well, they are four months old now (adjusted) and it's been months since anyone has needed a supplement. They get all their milk straight from the tap, and they're pretty good at it, too. We are using cloth diapers and every day when I wash a load of diapers, I count the poopy ones as badges of honor -- breastfed babies don't *have* to poop every single day, but if they do, it's a clear indication that they got more than enough milk. My smallest baby, baby M, gained 8 ounces in the last 10 days. She rocks!


I love nursing these babies! They are so yummy! I am so thrilled that we dodged all those #%@$ landmines that the universe stuck in front of us -- premature birth, crappy NICU policies, severe posterior tongue ties (three!), exhausted stressed malnourished mother, and three babies but only two boobs (that's actually 4 boobs short, not one boob short. Most babes get 2 boobs to themselves.)


So, yay! That's all I've got to say. Yay!!

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You are a rock star!
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You really are amazing! I hope you don't mind if I PM you in the future looking for a sympathetic ear when I am trying to nurse my three. I am so happy to see a mama that is actually doing it for real!

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Fantastic!  Way to go!!!

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 No advice... Just wow. bow2.gif You are amazing!!hug2.gif

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You are awesome, I'm so glad to read such a great update! I'm really happy for you that you were able to fix the tongue ties and get them all off of the supplements.

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Congrats to you!  Babies look beautiful.  Enjoy and survive!  That's my motto for the first few years . . . . . having triplets is truly amazing!



Mom to DS (8) and BBG (6)

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The babies are now 14 months old, all still nursing many times a day. They are happy to eat meals with us and to drink from a cup, but when they want NaNa, nothing else will do! I hope they will continue to nurse they are at least 2, better yet 3. ;-)
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I hear them stirring now. I intend to upload a video to YouTube on how Dad can breastdeed two babiesvat a time using mom's boobs while she sleeps on her back. Everyone wanted to help in the beginning, if they had how to do thus, it would have been great. Hint -- you need pillows behind mom's upper arms.
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This is definitely inspiring.

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Wow.  I just want to say how marvelous and inspiring this is.  My twins are EBF, and have been all but 2.5 days of their lives, and growing well, but I was fortunate - no other kids, just two babies, born at almost 39 weeks, strong nursers, with minimal tongue-tie issues we got dealt with quickly.  Even that is exhausting, in the early weeks.  I always think, when it's hardest, 'at least I don't have triplets.'  My sincere respect and admiration for your putting in that huge effort for their benefit. You're an amazing mama (perhaps BOTH amazing parents) and I am so happy you've succeeded!



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