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I'm just now 39+3, so I'm still feeling fine to wait it out. I've never made it to my due date before (ds1 was born at 30 weeks and ds2 at 38+6), so that would be a pretty neat thing for me.

I think I've just got a mental block set up, though. Dh has been in Texas doing some Army training since Sunday. He's back in the state now, but go figure his monthly drill was backed right up to the training so he's still not home. My MW thinks I'll go into labor on Monday since he'll be home Sunday night.
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Still pregnant. Due the 24th. One minute I'm soooo ready to welcome baby, the next minute I'm all choked up to say good-bye to my son being the only child. EMOTIONAL!
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I'm still here, though my EDD is 9/28 so I'm not getting impatient yet. Today I'm 38 weeks, 4 days.

With my DD, she came at 40 weeks, 3 days; I kind of assume I'll go close to 40 on either side, so I'm planning for another week, at least to be pregnant.

I don't mind and I'm actually not even ready in many ways (work, life, house).

I also had 3 pregnancy losses between DD and this baby so I'm fine with him doing what he needs to do and coming when he's ready. The other night I said to DH, I feel like I've been pregnant for 3 years! because I was either pregnant, recovering from a loss, having a surgery etc., for most of the last 3 years.

I'll "let" myself get impatient at around 41 weeks.
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Still cookin over here
due date is the 29th, so im not getting too impatient yet. My first was born at 40+5 ...so Im expecting to be here awhile. I have circled the full moon on our calendar though
No changes, still having contractions that start up in the evening and then teeter off when I fall asleep.
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Me. I'm either 40+6 or 40+2 depending on who you ask. (Early u/s for the former, chart/wheel for the latter.) Getting scared of an induction even though the OB is cool with me waiting till 2 weeks post the later of the 2 EDDs. I'm really hoping to avoid an induction since I am planning a VBAC. Plus, my Bishop's Score is CRAP - maybe a 3.
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Mines around a 3 too

Ive banned myself from Facebook until she comes now. DHs cousin had her baby and I cannot handle the sudden influx of YAY BABY + NOW WHERES MAE?

because seriously?

just hating my body right now.
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Ok, 41 weeks tomorrow by LMP, already 41w1d by ultrasound. Had an NST yesterday since my MW felt the babies baseline heart rate was lower then her usual assessments. Thank goodness that went well, but I am planning a homebirth and found out that my back-up hospital induces at 41w4d. So either ignore, go to another hospital, or induce next week.
Acupuncture didn't work, herbs nada, homeopathics last night really started something, but I decided to try to sleep and when I awoke all the action was gone. Think we will do a membrane sweep on Monday. I really want this to happen on its own, but I am having a hard time believing it will happen on its own at this point.
Just feeling so sorry for myself, thinking about maybe doing some window shopping alone to clear my head.
Its so nice to have you ladies.
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You know how horribly it effected me that she had her baby first?

I had castor oil for supper (well I had cheesy chicken and rice with castor oil mixed in)

I hate castor oil. I have IBS. I am going to be in a LOT of pain tonight and I doubt Ill have a baby to show for it.

Drinking RRL tea infusion now. Took my EPO both orally and vaginally. Some black cohosh (don't have blue). Going to take a bath and try to take a nap in the tub since that's the ONLY place I can relax right now without people bothering me about having this baby.

I fully expect none of this to work but my goodness if it at LEAST helps my cervix to start getting ready enough that I can have my membrane sweep next week when I go in on Wednesday it will make me feel better.
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Well, I'm glad to know I'm in good company. I'm 39 + 2. I passed mucus plug for about half the day on Thursday. Occasional bouts of contractions but nothing I've actually felt the need to time. Lots of lower back ache, achy hips and pelvis. I am sleeping better - my few nights of insomnia fortunately didn't last long. The intended mother is on pins and needles - she was calling me 3 times a day this week just to ask how I was feeling and if anything was happening yet. That got old fast, so we talked and I assured her she would be called as soon as I felt things might be more than the usual discomforts. I'm really, really ready. Everything I've wanted to complete before labor is now done. I see my midwife Friday at 40+1. If I'm still pregnant the following week (Oct. 1st, 41+1) I want an induction.
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40w4d here!
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Still pregnant here at 39 weeks. I'm in a unique situation here I think - I'm praying and begging this little girl to stay put for at least another week. DS and I have been sick with a cold most of this week. I'm still pretty congested. DH just got it today. Oh, and we're having carpet replaced in our house this week because I don't want to wait any longer. We're tearing out carpet tomorrow, and new doesn't go in until Wednesday. And I'm having a homebirth so I REALLY don't want her to come until after Wednesday at the earliest. Could some of you with iron cervixes send some of that my way DS was born at 39+3.
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Originally Posted by DoulaLMT View Post
Could some of you with iron cervixes send some of that my way DS was born at 39+3.
Sent. By speedy delivery too.

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I'm still here too. 39+2 weeks.

I've never passed a mucus plug before active labor so I don't know that it will happen this time either. Lots of hard, painful BH along with sone menstrual crampy kinda contractions but nothing steady or consistent. My doc will only give me til 41 weeks before induction stress begins.
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I'm here still 39+6... Hoping the full moon coming on the 23rd works for everyone!!!
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The 23rd? That's FOREVER from now, lol.
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maybe but it's the 3 days prior and the 3 days post that have the most gravital pull ... Most labors start during one of those 3 days sets... which we're in the first half now

Though the full moon did NADA for DD... A girl can hope.
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Yep, I'm still here too... 39+3. I went to 41+3 with DD, so I don't have too big of a hope for anything early with this one.

Trying REALLY hard not to focus on the discomforts... acid reflux and pelvic pain being the worst. I've been having lots of BH, especially in the evening. But nothing that is painful, they only feel like someone is standing on my chest... guess that sounds kind of painful, but it's not really, just hard to breath.

I just looked at the calender and realized that DD came 3 days after the full moon, so maybe things will get cooking sometime in the next week for me My due date is officially the 24th, so I'd be pretty thrilled with a 23rd birth. I also have one more pre-paid yoga class on Wed... maybe that combined with the full moon will just push me over the edge!
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Thanks for posting! Yes, we've all been feeling a little left out with all the birth announcements! I'm 40 weeks tomorrow by LMP (but not due until 24th by early ultrasound). Policy at birth center is do NST at 41 weeks, plus a sweep (if you want) and then at 41 and a half they sweep if you want & check if you are a candidate for castor oil -- she said that if your cervix is closed, then castor oil won't do much more than make you very uncomfortable and perhaps help it open a little, but won't likely stimulate contractions. If I make it to 42, they will induce at the hospital. And, they won't go by the u/s date bc it's not a week or more different, and my periods are regular. So, here's to hoping for some action!! Though, no signs of imminent labor at all! A few bouts of loose stool and of nesting, but even those have gone away. I did my own internal and I think I'm only about 1 cm dialated.

Trying to enjoy the last few days of DS being only child! We have just purchased a new car an I spent yesterday cleaning it up!

Oh, and looks like no birthday baby for me -- today's my bday and I doubt it's going to happen within the next 12 hours!
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You have an awesome birthday! Its Talk Like a Pirate day! My son looooooooves it lol
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41 weeks today and still no action. I think I'll be pregnant for awhile yet...can only hope it's sometime this week lol. I did make it to Oktoberfest though and had a (albeit sober) blast...and ate some yummy food. Walked around a lot and at a fairly brisk pace too since it started pouring rain on us. I thought maybe it might have started something, but I think all it did was mess up my poor pelvis even more. Le sigh.
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