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Please help me with my test results

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I got my blood test results back and am having some trouble interpreting the results. Although everything came back in the "normal" range, based on my LH and FSH the lab determined I was in my follicular phase. However, the day I got my blood drawn was the day after I ovulated so it should have been in the luteal phase. I don't have much experience with blood test results so I was hoping someone here could help me out and give me some suggestions if something is off.

Here are my results:

LH = 11.8

According to the lab report, normal for the follicular phase is 2.4-12.6, ovulation phase is 14.0-95.6, and luteal phase is 1.0-11.4.

FSH = 7.1

According to the lab report, normal for the follicular phase is 3.5-12.5, ovulation phase is 4.7-21.5, and luteal phase is 1.7-7.7.

I'm not sure why the doctor didn't test progesterone. I'm just concerned that my LH wasn't low enough to show that O had occurred and worried that might mean my progesterone is messed up too. Any thoughts?

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Not being an expert here, I'd say the numbers look like they're in the process of dropping from your ovulation phase to your luteal phase. You're only just a tad high for luteal phase with your LH, and at the high end of normal for your FSH.

If, for instance, you're someone who had LH in that high end (90+) during your ovulation phase, I can't imagine that suddenly slamming down to 11.4 or under the instant you ovulate - it would take a day or so to get down to the level, wouldn't it? So if you were tested only 12-24 hours after you ovulated, being 0.4 high for LH doesn't seem drastic to me.

Just my two cents, and I'm sure there are other ladies on here who know a lot more about it than I do!
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I had the first round of fertility bloodwork done the month I got pregnant, because it was my 12th month TTC. They were pretty adament about CD3 for the first blood draw.
Any reason why they did it at 1DPO??
Usually CD3 and 7DPO are the days draws are done.

I would think you are not far enough away from O to get a good readong for post ovulation levels...Just my 2 cents.
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@LivingSky, that's what I was hoping for. What you said makes a lot of sense and I think I'm just trying to read too far into things. :/ Thanks for your input!

@Finnegansmom, I went in just for a physical/pap and ended up telling my doctor about having trouble conceiving so she just went ahead and ordered the tests. Do you think they're "invalid" because they weren't done on the right cycle day? Maybe I should get them done again.
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Mommy - LH and FSH are usually tested around day 3 of your cycle when they are trying to determine egg reserve. Testing after O won't tell you anything about egg reserve! If your concern was about your egg reserve then you need to re-do those tests on day 3 of your cycle.

Also, LH can't be used to tell you that you O'd nor will they give you any indication of progesterone deficiency (I'm not sure if this was what you meant...) since you can have a surge and still not O. If your concern is that you are not O'ing or that you have a prog. deficiency then you should have your Prog. tested at 7dpo.

Hope that helps.
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yep. FSH at 1dpo is beyond useless. Get a new doctor.
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I would get them redone, and that kind of stinks if you are to pay for any of it out of pocket.

I would schedule a CD3 draw and go from there. My FSH was really important for me to know since I'm approaching 40...

This website (and the chart I'm linking to) was REALLY helpfuly for me.

Good luck mama.

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@Finnegansmom, thanks for your help and I'll definitely check out that website. I'm not really sure if I have a problem or not, but thought that it would be nice to find out earlier rather than later if I did. I guess I should have researched all of this before I decided to go along with the testing. Thanks again!!
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