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Groups/events in SLC

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Can anyone suggest lists/groups/forums to join to find out when/where people meet in SLC? I'm new to the area and am looking for friends!
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You could try www.meetup.com, they have several different groups on there.
I was also part of the Mothers & More group for a while and I know there are a few MOPS and other moms groups out there. I no longer am a part of the M&M group, but it was a lifesaver for me when I first moved to town 4.5 years ago!
Also, if your DS is in school I have found friends that way.
I'm not nearly as crunchy as many mammas on this site so I haven't met up with anyone from here. I did have my last two babies at home and don't vax and my DS is intact. Those are my main crunchy stats.
I am in the Murray area though if you'd like to get together, I know how hard it is to make friends when you are new to an area!
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Thanks! We are not too far from Murray. I've had some success meeting people through LLL, the babywearers Yahoo group, and home schooler groups. I've met all degrees of crunchiness... no one seems to discriminate so far! I'm not sure how crunchy I am - I think I'm just reasonable. :-)
If you are interested, there is also an AP group on Facebook.
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