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Also - I've heard big babies are actually *easier* to push out. I've known a few people who have had 8lb babies and 6lb babies - and the consensus is that the bigger babies are lot easier to push out. Maybe because they have more "force" behind them?
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Thank you for this thread!!!!!!

My last birth was very traumatic and everyone kept saying it was because the baby was big (9lbs 13 oz). I ended up with a c-section. I keep insisting that the c/s was a result of other things (induction mainly, but also epidural and pushing on my back) and that if things had been different i could have pushed him out.

Now I am planning a VBAC and I have all these people saying "Oooo! I hope this one is small!" My own mom keeps telling me that I can't push out a "big" baby- her middle child was big and cracked her pelvis ont he way out... pretty sure she was on her back pushing but haven't asked.

Despite trying to tell myself that big doesn't mean anything, I have been obsessing about what I eat. Afraid to gain too much weight. Afraid to let the baby gain too much weight. Beatin myself up over every pound I gain.

It's so good to hear positive stories to help me keep focused!
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My oldest was 9lb 3oz--not enormous, but a good sized baby. I had no issues at all with his delivery. Try not to worry!
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my first was 9.4 oz, born naturally at a freestanding birth center.

pushing took almost 3 hours, but he was also posterior. once we got him to turn, it was about 45 minutes until he was born.

i had a 2nd degree tear.

honestly, i remember it being hard work and pushing being really hard especially, but other than that all i remember is seeing his beautiful HEALTHY self right after he slid out of me. and how i would do it all again in a heartbeat.

don't worry about the size...your body is able to give birth to the baby you carried and nourished for your pregnancy. and my midwife last pregnancy told me when i expressed fears of him being really big "well, they all feel big coming out, whether they are 6 lbs or 10 lbs!"

have you read ina may's guide to childbirth? one thing that helped me prepare for labor was just focusing my mind on how big and stretchy i was going to get, repeating to myself that i could do it, my body was made to do it, etc. ina may has a lot in there about the mind-body connection.

good luck mama!
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My DS was 9 lbs 4oz, born at home, no tearing or other problems.
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Just to vividly back the "don't trust the ultrasound!" point of view. At 19W I had an ultrasound that showed baby girl's femur was 19W4D. Fine. I expected her to have long legs. At 19W2D (did ya catch that? *2* days later!) her femur "measured" 22W4D. Now. Draw your own conclusion...2 weeks of growth in 48 HOURS or different U/S techs measure differently.

You will grow baby the size he/she needs to be. Your body (in absence of GD or other med. condition) will not grow a baby too big for you to birth.

Hang in there!

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The u/s was actually pretty right on for my son. It showed 9 lbs 6ozs or something like that. I had him a week later and he was 9 lbs 13 oz. It's funny because my OB actually said he didn't think the u/s was right- he thought it was off by a pound.

SOoooooo... while I do hope I don' have an u/s showing a big baby, I would rather focus on a big baby being no big deal. I'm kinda hoping they won't make me have a late u/s, but I guess that will depend on when the baby comes. Being a VBACer seems to change a lot.
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My first two (both boys) were over 10# (and both 2+ weeks late)... third is a girl, a week early and only 8#13oz... we'll see in Feb what the 4th is!

ultrasounds are notoriously wrong for size--
You can do it mama!
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