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Fleecy Pants!

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DS decided about six months ago that he will only wear "soft" pants and shorts. Now that it is getting cooler, he is in dire need of pants, so I decided to check out JoAnn's today and see what I could find. Lookie, lookie what I made!

Their fleece is half off right now, so these only cost around $4 per pair. I am so in love with these patterns!
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29 views and no replies. Feeling a little self conscious and removed the links.
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just came back from joann's and love their fleece. Super cute patterns this yr. My boys are "soft" pant junkies too in the winter (they really dont want to wear denim if possible) have you tried flannel? I know its normallly pj material but really in the winter we dont go out as much and their are some really nice flannel that you wouldnt tell if you didnt actually feel it plus on a cold winter day nothing beats wearing warm fuzzy pants and staying indoors
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Originally Posted by Pumpkin_Pie View Post
29 views and no replies. Feeling a little self conscious and removed the links.
I just saw this thread and I would love to see your links, especially as I have been gifted 4 yards of lime green fleece and I need to figure out something to do with it.... and looking at what other mama's make is very inspiring
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Lime green would make fabulous pants! I decided after making these that I am going to hit up the fleece sale the next time it is half off at JoAnn's and make him all sorts of them in super bright colors with patches on the knees of printed fleece. It is just impossible to find bright clothing for boys once they hit the 4T and up sizes. Everything is brown/navy blue/grey/black/tan. It drives me batty!

Anyway, here are the pants: Polka-Dots and Peace. They are just a basic pattern that I traced from a pair of his own pants. I added pockets using a zig zag stitch around the edge of them and they turned out great. (I think so anyway) He is a huge fan of them, and really wants more so he can wear them every day.
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Thanks for putting the links back up, I read your first post like 7 times figuring I was missing something.. I almost posted asking for the link when I saw the reply.

I love those pants! they look so comfortable! I have to say my favorites are the peace signs. Oh and by the way, your son is adorable and he looks so happy with his new pants.

I might have to make something like that for my girls, they wear skirts during the day but I like them to wear pants under when we go out to the park or some other place they are going to be playing a lot. Unfortunately Im running into a problem finding pants that fit them so I'm stuck making pants for them (not that they mind, they love being able to choose the fabric/print/style of their clothes).

ETA: By the way I have problems finding brightly colored girl clothes in bigger sizes too. I don't know if its where I live (its pretty bad when you hear teens comment on the little girl clothes saying that their parents wouldn't even let them as teens wear that) but I wanted to get a nice dress for DD1 and all they had color wise was black, brown, red, white or princesses-which was pink.
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Those trousers will put a smile on his face every time he puts them on!

My eldest would only wear what he called 'soffy' trousers and now that he is 17 and wearing a work uniform (engineering) he isn't that comfortable.

Fleece is very forgiving for the sewer and also hard wearing for kids so you can't go wrong
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Those are great! I have been making dd leggings, but my pattern won't work for fleece, I don't think, and it would be great to have a few prs for cold weather. I've never made my own pattern before... Are you using 4 pcs or 2?
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2 piece. The fold over and the seam is on the inside of the legs. I sew a big "U" to do the legs.
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Those polka-dot pants are the awesomest ever! I am in the process of sewing my kid's winter pants and jammies right now. Thanks for sharing!
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Yeah for fleecy soft pants ! I bought a bunch of fleece last time it was on sale at Joannes and you have inspired me to at least go look and see what I've got!

Someone above mentioned flannel...y'know I've been seriously thinking about making myself a flannel skirt for the winter. I'll bet if I made it in a nice grey nobody would ever know...
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Those look comfy! Love the peace signs. I need to make some for my boys for winter. They are too casual to wear to school (the boys are older), but they'd be great for weekends or evenings, or pajamas. And older DS is so hard to buy pants for (he's between sizes and picky), that the fleece seems like it would be super comfy. And I love the fact that you don't need to worry about the seams fraying! Your DS looks so proud of his comfy pants!
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not sure if joann's still has it but last winter I was able to get a fleece with various monsters on it (very cute bright print with silly monsters on it) the boys loved it in fact I also got it in flannel for a quilt for them.

Love fleece its so forgiving because it hides the stiches very well if your not a straight sewer (like me) plus its sooooooo comfy.

btw LOVe the pants!
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I'm glad you put the links back up!! Very cute pants!
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they look great!! So excited to sew up my lime green fleece
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Ok, I think we need a fleecy pant tutorial. :P

(Mostly because I'm trying to envision exactly how to do them... )
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fyi....joanns is having a huge sale on 10/3-10/8 and their fleece will be 3.99 a yd!! Told the boys that they will get to pick out a few choices for their pants this winter.
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Very cute, I'd like to make some. Do you use a pattern?
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Sorry, I hadn't checked this thread in a while. I just took a pair of DS's pants, turned them inside out and folded them in half so the crotch makes a half "U" shape and cut the fleece out using the pants as a pattern. You need to stretch the elastic of the pattern pants to make sure the waist is the right width and add three or four inches at the top to make it fold over for the waist band and that is pretty much it!

Now I want pictures of everyone's new fleecy pants!
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Those are great! I make a pair for my kids for Christmas every year, and use a similar "pattern".
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