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Sick...advice please!

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I have been hit with a brutal cold. My throat is so swollen and sore that I keep gagging and almost throwing up. I've also developed a cough that is making my throat (and stomach) worse. To top it off, I have terrible acid reflux.
Normally I would beat this sucker down with high doses of vitC, zinc, coldFX and echinacea but since that seems to be not recommended for pregnant women I've just been taking moderate doses of vitC, zinc and vitD and eating as much garlic as possible (however eating is a big challenge since it hurts to swallow). I caved a couple hours ago and took tylenol for the pain.
How would you treat a cold? I seriously can't miss much work because it will affect my mat leave. I need to beat this sucker. Advice??
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I took high doses of vitamin C to beat a bad cold during my last pregnancy. I was told it was ok. I took up to 5000mg a day for two or three days and beat it.

I know how awful it sucks to be sick while pregnant. I hope you get better soon!
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Do you do saline sinus rinses? Like a neti pot, or you can buy a squeezy bottle made for that purpose? http://www.neilmed.com/usa/products.php

I truly believe they shorten/prevent colds for me. However, it is kind of a disturbing thing to do for the first time if you have never done it before and some people hate it. But it is a non drug option too.

Flushing out my sinuses really helps that post nasal drip sore throat, and if you are very stuffed up it can flush out some goo that you cannot blow out. But always be gentle with it.

If you are so sick though, maybe a day off work would be a good investment, if it got you better faster. I know it would take away from your Mat leave, but I think you will get better faster if you rest.
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I just beat a nasty cold in about 2 days. Vit C, Echinacea tea and serious doses of homemade ckn broth (works wonders).

I hope you feel better soon and definitely take the time off work if you need it!
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liquid probiotics help me when i'm fighting off something, haven't yet had to try it when already sick because it's prevented...but i'd give it a try.

hope you feel better soon!
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Wish Garden Herbal Remedies has a line of tinctures formulated for safety in pregnancy. The cold remedy one was helpful for me when I was sick in my first trimester. A warm mixture of lemon juice and honey can also help soothe your throat.
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Our doc said that tylenol is safe during pregnancy. I think that feeling in pain is probably worse for pregnancy too lol. If it gets too bad, taking tylenol makes sense ! Dont feel bad for it !
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I couldn't take time off work when I was sick so I talked to my doctor and my pharmacist and we decided on regular sudaphed for the day time and tylenol cold for night time. It helped me feel human enough during the week to make it to the weekend.
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Just got over a cold with tylenol, sudafed, warm steam showers and elevated sleeping !! Feel better!!!
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I second the vote for the Neilmed neti pot. It has changed the lives of everyone in our family (husband, bro, parents, etc). No more sinus infections, it shortens colds, helps those suffering from allergies. The first time you use it, it is weird. But, we all quickly got the hang of it. Easiest to use in the shower. Amazing!

I hope you feel better soon. Being pregnant and sick is the WORST.
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serious doses of homemade ckn broth (works wonders).
This REALLY does work. It has to be homemade, though. If you want to take the easy route, buy a rotisserie chicken, pull off the meat and boil the rest in a stock pot. Add some sauteed veggies back in, egg noodles, ginger/garlic/onion...whatever you like. Works wonders.

Sore throat + cough: Gargle warm salt water, or drink honey-lemon tea. Squeeze a lemon into a mug, add hot water and enough honey to taste.

Cough: Dark chocolate. Seriously -- research this one. Some studies show it's more effective than cough syrup.

Hope you feel better soon!
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Count me in on the NeilMed thing. I've got a sinus infection right now but rinses twice a day with this bad boy are enabling me to sleep through the night without coughing/gagging.
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Hi I'm lurking but I'm in agreement with the Neilmed bottle. Love it and it works wonders. Also the salt water gargle does help soothe a sore throat. If you are stuffy or semi stuffy you may want to try those breathing strips you put on your nose. I'm addicted this pregnancy, it's amazing how those things help you breath. Hope you feel better soon!
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The sinus rinse is awesome, I've been using it for years. The only problem is if I have a really sore throat, feeling the saline running down the back of my throat causes me to gag and makes my throat hurt more.
So far the best things have been hot water with lemon and honey, garlic (seriously I mean chunks of garlic) toast, nasal strips and warm baths with peppermint oil.
I love all the suggestions, I'm going to give them all a try. I never realized how many little remedies I used to lessen a cold until I couldn't use them anymore. Fingers crossed that this cold is a short one.
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I have had luck for both myself and my child by rubbing the natural version of Vics vaporub (I think it is a tea tree base) on our feet before bed and covering with wool socks. This is usually used for head and chest colds but the principle is that it can be used to draw congestion away from the head/chest. I have also been told to do it by using a cotton pair of socks that are moistened with water and then covering them with wool socks. I like the tea tree oil rub since it smells nice and it feels warm. Feel better soon.
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