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Originally Posted by Surfacing View Post
Is your dh all ?
Yeah. After I had the baby, he said "try and keep your weight on; it looks good on you" . Ah, yes, I'm so glad I married you.

It's the first time in my life I've had real cleavage and what with walking around with my breasts exposed all the time . . .

My belly is still a little poochy, but I'm diggin the extra weight on top and bottom.
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Originally Posted by expat-mama View Post
AND my boobs are soooooo humongous it's disturbing. None of my old shirts fit me . I have been putting off shopping because it depresses me. I have no idea what I've been wearing lately.
Me too! I went from A, or between A/B to I think a D?!! I bounce now when I shake the conditioner bottle upside down!! I start work in 1 week. What in the world will I wear?

Originally Posted by nervousnelle View Post
I know.. I could be exercising right now.. but you all are more fun. Okay, maybe I will go jog...
Hehehe ... exactly. Does it count as an arm exercise if I'm holding ds over my shoulder sleeping while I type with the other hand?

Originally Posted by somegirl99 View Post
My stomach is finally (as in this week) looking better although my ab muscles still feel quite weak compared to before, gradually working on it and improving (using the Tupler technique).
My belly is still super soft and flabby. I need to find out about the pp Tupler technique. I have the maternity book and I thought it was really good.

Originally Posted by ArtsyHeartsy View Post
I was considering Weight watchers for breastfeeding moms...anyone tried that?
Not that specifically, but I'm a huge believer in WW. I will be following it loosely soon. Wish I could afford to join again. I'm a lifetime member, but have to pay if above my goal weight. I was 6 lbs away again when I got pregnant.

I'm not sure what I weigh now, we don't own a scale. At my MW appt last week I'd lost about 30 lbs? And still had about 20 to go. Yeah, I gained that much. Still wearing maternity clothes and nursing tanks. Dressing for work will be challenging, but I really don't want to spend money on interim clothes. I'd go to goodwill but it's so time intensive! I had planned to start serious exercise at 3 weeks pp. The cs messed that up I have been taking ds on hour long walks when I can.
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mamakaikai said it all for me!
I actually have avoided going out just so i don't have to wear pants LOL

I just bought (used) a few things that fit me, since realistically i know it's going to be awhile since i'm my ideal size and i need somethign to wear in the meantime.

I lost 30lbs really fast this time, and have about 15 more to lose. Plus, im a full D cup now and started as an A/B back before i had lizzy in 2007.

I feel more normal now than i did after my first baby, because i'm already used to having a soft middle, which i don't mind in clothes but my stretchmarks are extreme so it looks a bit odd nude.... i don't really care though.

I just want one magic pair of jeans that doesn't give me a fat roll along the waistband, and also doesn't fall down!

ETA- i have no time or energy to exercise. I'm so physically exhausted it's ridiculous, and not a minute to myself- i mean, this is the first time i've even logged on to MDC in over a month! I should be folding laundry or something...
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