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Let's Play! Triangle Playgroup 9/23 - Page 2

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We won't be there this week. We are reallyyyy low on income lately because Dan is having surgery on a hernia and the stupid worker's comp denied the claim, no good! So I can't waste gas unless totally neccessary, and Morrisville is a LOOONG drive for us. Hopefully I will see you all again soon! We may go to Durant Nature Park in Raleigh on Thursday morning at 10am for their "Wee Walkers" program. It's a free 1 hour trek through the nature park, pretty neat! So if anyone would like to join us that would be great.
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I am not sure if we will be there tomorrow - we will see how the morning goes!

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Right on April!
DH is off tomorrow and he wants to get an early start on our quest to find the best deal on bamboo flooring. Hopefully I get to squeeze in a visit to the chiropractor cause ...well I need some adjustment.

Have fun. I will miss you all. Lets have a get together on the weekend soon.
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I'll be there with the little. It was fun last week.
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Funny you should mention the Library story time, April. I went on Ivan's first field trip for Kindergarten last week. It was to our local library. I was so impressed with the librarian! I had already planned on taking Matilda to the story time there. It happens to be on playgroup day at playgroup time. We will not be joining playgroup anymore because it is just too far away from us b/c of Matilda's nap time now that Ivan is in school. However, I would love to go in the nature walk on Thursdays that Caden's Mom mentioned. Hope to see you all there
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I have been to several library's storytimes, and my favorite by far is the Athens Drive one at 10 am on Thursday mornings. Carrie Ann is AWESOME, she constantly interacts with the children, adapts her approach in an age-appropriate way based on the mix of kids there, and plans a related craft after each reading.
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It is 9:46 and we are still home. I keep asking Rosti if he wants to go to the park, see the children, go on the swings and slide, etc. Yes he does, but not enough to make it worth putting clothes on. Maybe if he thinks about it a little longer.
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I'm still in my pj's sipping coffee. We'll be there in good time.
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Rosti is still rejecting the idea of going anywhere. <sigh>
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I have an orange sippy cup with a purple top that someone forgot. I know I saw one of the kiddos in our group drinking from it - but can't remember who!
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It was good to be back and see my ladies again!! Breeder, sorry I never got over to introduce myself...I blame vacation-induced fog!!

Good to see everyone as usual!
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Sorry we missed it. We were lost in Morrisville, which is nowhere near as entertaining as being lost in space. We seem to have missed it more often than not over the last month. Hopefully next week we will make it.
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