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Things I Miss

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my toes
being able to bend over without grunting
gravity being on my side instead of working against me

How 'bout you?
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I miss:

• eating certain cheeses
• sleeping on my back without freaking out
• not having my arms fall asleep when I'm asleep
• being able to sprint for the subway
• going to a job interview and not having this pregnancy thing be a factor
• smoking (I know, I know! but I was just a "social smoker")

But I love:

• feeling this new life wiggle around inside of me...I wouldn't trade it for anything
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ddcc - but I was just thinking of this when i woke up

* sleeping through the night
* eating without feeling like I swallowed a balloon afterward
* sleeping on my back
* being able to run around, jump and pick up my 3 1/2 year old without getting winded, off balance or feeling uncomfortably jiggly
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Sleeping through the night
Sitting comfortably
Shaving comfortably
Reaching all the way across my kitchen peninsula
Not feeling like my insides are on fire
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Not worrying about the protein content in everything I eat
Rolling over in bed without it being a 7 step maneuver that causes my pubic bone to scream in pain
Lifting whatever I am physically capable of lifting (it took a long time to carry buckets of gravel yesterday when I could only haulf half buckets)
Not having people comment on me...I felt like I had escaped when we finally manged to get out of church today
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I never STTN, hehe.

I miss
-breathing normally!
-my cute butt (now its a zebra butt)
-my clothes! I can't fit into anything anymore.
-sunny side up eggs
-my abs, I have some major separation going on here
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I miss
  • SLEEP!
  • Pants that fit
  • coffee
  • not needing to pee every 15 min
  • walking for ANY distance
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I miss:

-Rum/cold beer
-seeing my vagina. Right now, it feels like a cat named Patches
-sleeping on my back and/or tummy
-my smaller boobs. They have grown to epic and uncomfortable proportions
-a hairless stomach
-not being tired at 10 PM
-not having to pee 13385459874 times a night

ETA: I miss my libido. A lot.
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not having indigestion ALL the time.
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We're in the home stretch...

  1. Sleep (although this seems like a bad complaint to be making now before the sleepless nights REALLY set in when the baby gets here).
  2. My waistline.
  3. Generally feeling comfortable.
  4. Moving around without getting breathless and tired.
  5. My clothes.
  6. Bending over easily.
  7. Motivation.
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I could have written every thing said thus far...so excuse my iterations of what people have already said. But these are the biggest things I miss right now....and I usually mention missing them on an almost daily basis!

- being able to tie my shoes without having to perfect some crazy acrobatic maneuver.
-not grunting and holding my breath in order to do so!

- being able to wear flip flops/sandals without the strap pattern becoming engraved in my feet due to swelling.

- being able to lay horizontal without it feeling like theres a golfball wedged in my throat (due to heartburn? reflux? i donno!)

- not having to wake multiple times in the night to pee

- being able to turn over in bed without it becoming a 2 minute procedure (wheres my cranelift?)

- having an adult beverage now and then

- fitting into my clothes! and not freaking out over the scale number continuing to rise

and...never thought I'd say this...but BEING ABLE TO TAKE CARE OF MY PERSONAL GROOMING! I cant even see my patchy vagina right now. Cant imagine how unkempt it all looks!
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I miss:

-Having a pain free back
-Indulging in alcohol
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Who's avoiding cheese/eggs and why???? Did I miss something???
  • Sleeping on my back
  • Sleeping on my stomach
  • solid poop (I'm the, uh, OPPOSITE of most pregnant women)
  • being cold. ever.

But, overall, this has been my easiest pregnancy.
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I miss;

pooping (high protein diet means I yell for joy when anything comes out!)

Sitting in a chair or driving and not writhing constantly, trying to find a comfortable position, but never finding it.

chocolate, fruit,cupcakes, donuts, chips, those "it's it" ice cream cookie sandwiches.

Sharing a chair with DD

pants that have zippers

DTD without having to stop because the baby kicked DH and seriously ruined the mood.
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I miss:
  • sitting in any reclined position without feeling weird and having to sit up
  • walking anywhere without being breathless
  • DTD with more position options
  • rolling over in bed without even waking up
  • NOT getting kicked in the crotch from the inside
  • feeling 'sexy' and not just 'cute' (I know it's in my head, but I'm just sayin')
  • beer and wine

This has been cathartic! Oh and tying shoes without BH contractions and major grunting!
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Originally Posted by DoomaYula View Post
Who's avoiding cheese/eggs and why???? Did I miss something???
Just sunny side up with the runny yolks. I still eat hard boiled and scrambled though.

I also miss being able to lean forward!!
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Because of the egg recall? I am not a fan of runny yolks but I'll only eat local free range eggs anyway.
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lol, this soo funny,, I just posted on the chat thread my own version of this.
I miss being able to get up from the couch/chair without having to think about it for 2 mins beforehand. ie- do I really have to pee again? I wonder? if I pretend to not hear, will Dp just answer dchildren.
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Eating soft-boiled/raw eggs carries the risk of salmonella.

I totally relate to the grooming-down-there dilemma...which is why I get waxed professionally. My waxer says she works on pregnant women all the time so as long as she's comfortable with it, so am I!
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1. Sleeping on stomach and/or back.

2. Sex in any position the moment warrants.

3. Sushi

4. Sake.....like the sake buzz

5. Blue cheese on my spinach salad

6. Really this should be #1, not having to pee all the time! I hate it!
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