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fussy @ breast

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hello helpful mommas!

ok, latest 'crisis' is as follows:
DS is 8 weeks and having some trouble lately nursing. he seems to latch on fine and is content for about 10 minutes, but then starts acting really odd. he'll squirm, lick my nipple, pretend he cant find me or latch on, then all of the sudden squeal and cry. i'll burp him and switch sides, then a few minutes later, same thing. he used to fall asleep as i nursed him, but now i have no clue what's going on. am i doing something wrong? any suggestions??

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Have you added anything new to your diet lately? Any new foods, vitamins, or medication can change the taste of your milk, and annoys some babies.

Other then that I really don't know, sorry.
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mine does that when he needs to pee.

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my ds did that if i ate/drank anything caffeinated... even chocolate.

i cut coffee and took him to the chiro regularly and it stopped.
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Try baby-led latch. Hold babe vertically b/w your breasts; let him lunge to one side or the other; let him latch himself (no pushing the back of the head), just support his neck with your elbow; his position will be diagonally across your body, tummy to tummy with his feet touching your thigh. Worked wonders for ds.

And, yes on the pee thing - babes often appear to have a bfing problem that is actually them signalling they need to pee before they drink more.
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Mine do this when they have to burp. Give him time, he's still tiny.
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Have you introduced the bottle? Some kids experience nipple confusion, and it leads to them having trouble latching, or even refusing the breast entirely.
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Originally Posted by PatioGardener View Post

mine does that when he needs to pee.


I'd bet you $20 that's what's going on.  it's my dd's most reliable sign that she needs to pee.  you can either hold him over a potty or bowl like this: http://www.tribalbaby.org/EChowtostart.html (picture midway down the page) or just ignore it (he'll learn to just pee in his diaper soon).  either way, it's not anything to worry about.  good luck!

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