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update and birth story of Emily-Rose

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Hey ya all.
Sorry I havent been here, its been nuts around here with the new babe and all. We are out of hospital! We spent a week and a half there but now were home and everyone is doing fantastic. Nursing has proven to be a bit of a challenge as she is soooo very little. We are going to an appointment tommorow with a lactation consultant to get her weighed so hopefully is over her 5'10 birth weight.

Alright...so the story goes.....
I was at a music festival the weekend before the 7th, working my poor wee buns off ..I probably shouldn't have been doing that, but...anyway it is what it is. I came home Sunday night and pretty much stayed in bed all day Monday. Monday night I started to feel sick. Really nauseated, dizzy , pains in my ribs and the whole bit. Took by BP, it was something along the lines of 140/97. HIgh, but not scary high. I went to bed...woke up in the am feeling amazing, and proceeded to get some house work done. Checked my BP it was in normal range, so I just continued on my day. by lunch time, I was starting to feel sick again. took my Bp again , it was higher then normal, but nothing nuts...so I took a two hour nap. woke up from my nap , sick. pain in my kidneys, in my chest in my eyes, my face. AWFUL. took my BP it was 150/106, thats high. For the next hour I took it every 10 mins and it just kept getting higher. it would dip then rise , dip and rise. I call my doc he tells me to come in. I head to the hospital, and I get my first contraction on route. It was painful, a bit worse then the BH I had been having but nothing I couldnt handle or talk through. I get to the hospital which is about 20 mins away , and the light is hurting my eyes, and ym face feels like it might bust. They hook me up to some machines , non-stress test stuff and begin checking in on baby, whom looks great. Then my BP drops to normal range, I feel hundred percent better, but the contractions are getting stronger and closer together. They got to 2 mins apart to the clock , and stayed that way for 4 hours as they tried to stop labour. But everything they gave me made the contractions worse. The muscle relaxant was probably the tip of the crazy. Then I started to feel like I had to push. Baby was coming and me being a previous 4 sectioned Mama and early...people freaked. 15 mins later I was in an OR having my baby girl. It all happened so fast, I really thought I would have been giving some BP medicine and sent on my way. That being said, my wee Emily- Rose knew what she was doing because it turns out her cord was in a tight knot. so tight that the doc couldn't fit a finger into it to release it. That could have ended things very badly for my little girl.
Emily- Rose was born Septemeber 7th 2010 at 11:24 pm weighing in at 5lbs10 ounces.
I am gonna try again to post some pics...bear with me...lol
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DDCC to say she is just tooooo cute !
Congrats !!!!!
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She is adorable! Glad you guys are home and doing well
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Congrats She is very cute!
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Congrats again-- she is beautiful!
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Aww, she's gorgeous! What a birth! Thanks for stopping by and updating, I'm glad you guys are home!
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She looks awesome!! Thanks for sharing pics and her story.

PBTG it all worked out!!
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Holy moly, what a story! I can't imagine going in expecting meds and getting a baby instead! Your body sure knows what to do and when. Congratulations, she is adorable!
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She is BEAUTIFUL! I'm happy to hear you're at home now and I hope the breastfeeding gets easier!
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Oh she is so so cute! Well done Mama and welcome Emily-Rose
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Beautiful pictures! She looks like she was ready to come out and greet the world. So glad you are doing well and enjoying life.
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Congrats, she's georgeous!
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What a beautiful baby girl. Congratulations. It is wonderful to hear that you both are doing fine.
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Congratulations mama! So happy she is here safe and sound!
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So glad to hear you're both at home and doing well.
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Pretty crazy! Glad all is well with both of you! Congradulations!
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Been thinking of you everyday. Thanks for the update. She is so beautiful.
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Wow! Stunning! Thank you so much for sharing your Emily with us.
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What a beautiful baby girl, congratulations to you and your family!!
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She's beautiful!!! Congratulations!
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