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What kind of birth are you planning? - Page 2

Poll Results: Where are you planning on giving birth?

  • 45% (37)
    At home
  • 14% (12)
    In a birthing center
  • 40% (33)
    At a hospital
82 Total Votes  
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Originally Posted by MaddieMay View Post
Hospital VBAC, hopefully drug-free. Honestly, as long as I get my VBAC the rest is just details.
AMEN to that. I am pretty much in the same boat. I am going to try to go drug free as long as I can and do other things before asking for an epidural.
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I had an HBAC last time, best decision I ever made, and am happy to be planning another homebirth with the same great midwife this time.
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I'm thinking of trying an vbac. In a baby friendly hospital. This time I'm definitely going to get an epi. (late epi == GA c-section for me last time. Never again.)
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A freestanding birth center with a midwife. Also, using Hypnobabies.
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Hospital birth with a CNM (it's the only game in town where I am). Going natural and drug-free.
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Hospital birth hopefully med free. The hospital I am planning to birth at is finishing up some new changes like a new l&D that includes bed free monitors and big showers. Not sure about tubs yet, not sure where they are in completing the new l&d, one of the reasons why I wasn't planning on a january birthday but seems like the universe has other plans
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I really wanted a home birth but the only HB CNM in this state got suspended for 6 months. I can't afford a CPM so the only options were hospital and unassisted. So... we are having a hospital birth with my family doctor. She is fairly natural minded and I am having a doula who is actually my CNM's assistant. I will be laboring at home as long as possible and well if the baby is born before I go to the hospital well then so be it!

Big Momma
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I hoping for a med free VBAC at a hospital! Since I am a VBAC candidate I cannot deliver at a birth center and DH won't even consider a homebirth because of the VBAC.
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I'm planning my second unassisted homebirth. Pretty excited!
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Second homebirth here!
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I planned a birth center birth for DD, but she was a micropreemie.
I planned a home birth with DS, but ended up with another early hospital birth. Both were as natural as the situations allowed. 3rd times a charm, I hope.
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I am having a repeat c-section with this one...I had an emergency one with my son almost 12 years ago after being in labor for 3 days and pushing for almost 4 hours ...he didnt want to come out...lol...so last year when I was pregnant with my daughter they suggested that I have another c-section because they classified my son's birth as "failure to descend" whatever that means...... with her being only a year old when this one is born I dont think it was even a question? But to be completely honest with ya'll it doesn't bother me I dont feel like a failure because I'm not able to have a "natural " birth ..cause I figured if it was a hundred years ago I probably be one of those women that died during childbirth so I am happy to get them here being as healthy as possible for me and them.

ooh I forgot to add though ..I will be awake during the whole thing.
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I got my midwife!!!!!!!!!!! So now I'm going to start planning my homebirth
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Originally Posted by OvenSeeksBun View Post
I got my midwife!!!!!!!!!!! So now I'm going to start planning my homebirth
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planning my second homebirth. considering using hypnobabies this time around. mostly because I don't think there's any way this birth will be as easy as my last. fingers crossed though!
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Planning another home water birth.

In attendance: husband, midwife, midwife assistant (who is also my friend), and our three children (who will be 7, 4, and 2). My parents will be about 1 1/2 -- 3 hours away (Los Angeles and Orange County....so travel time in traffic can vary depending on the time of day). They'll be here, too, if they make it in time.

My heart is sad for those of you who can't have the ideal birth you want because of distance, circumstance, or options. Hugs to you.
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Well, it all depends on where I am when I go into labor-
if I'm at work, it will be a drug free vaginal birth in the hospital with a CNM, or if I'm at home, it will be a homebirth with a midwife. So only time will tell, lol.
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Originally Posted by macandcheese View Post
Thank you
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I am planning a 2nd homebirth.
I would like to wish good luck to all the mamas going for a VBAC and a huge sorry and hug for those who would like one and are being denied care by their hospitals and/or ACOG policies. I am a midwifery student and have just re-read Pushed by Jennifer Block. It discusses the negative climate surrounding VBAC and it's just so sad to hear the effects of policies on real lives here. We all deserve better.
All my wishes for an informed, positive, safe birth experience for all American mamas!
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home water birth with midwife, her assistant, & DH. I wouldn't mind if it turned out orgasmic. lol
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