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Is there any way to know if it's perimenopause?

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I am 33. My boys are 4 and 2. Prior to pregnancies, my periods were very, very irregular with minimal PMS symptoms (actually, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome when ttc ds1....though, it must have been "mild" cuz it seems to be "gone" now).

My first post pregnancy period was was about 1/2009 (even with exclusive breast feeding) and DS2 weaned about 5 months ago. My periods now are, for me, very regular at about every 35 days with only about days 1 and 2 as having a "normal-heavy" flow, then minimal for 3-5 more days. Now, too, I am having quite a bit of PMS - alot of emotional / mood stuff, pretty severe intestinal cramping, headaches (which I NEVER had before), significantly decreased libido , and newly, vaginal dryness/itch that starts about 1 wk before my period (then goes away after period).

Anything that I've read, the dryness / itch is likely either an infection (I initially figured it was yeast, but the nystatin cream I had on had didn't really make any difference) or perimenopause.

I will be consulting my doctor about this, but wanted to get input from all of you ladies too!

So, is there really any way / test to determine if all of these combined symptoms are perimenopause? And, if not, does anyone have any advice / thoughts?
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Have you had an ultrasound done lately? Are you having heavier/clotty (sorry tmi) periods? I would definitely get checked out and considering what you have in your signature about your mom and grandma, I would take any symptoms that are abnormal seriously. I don't mean to sound overly paranoid but I am having issues right now too

It could be perimenopause, it could be a hormone imbalance, it could be fibroids, etc. I would just get checked to be sure
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I haven't had an ultrasound (or anything else!) and have actually not even brought it up yet to the dr. Well, I did tell my family practice doc that I wanted some "baseline" bloodwork done...that was about 6 mos to a yr ago. I said to him then that my "hormones felt "OFF"" or out of whack. He said "well, you are having regular periods, so your hormones are fine!" Yep, that pissed me off, so I don't want to go back to him...but I'm not sure we can switch PCPs in the middle of the year.....and until now, haven't needed to go to a "regular" doctor (I go to a chiro/kinesio when needed and he's awesome!). I know I "need" a PCP that I can trust, but just haven't yet found one
Also, *I* feel like things are "off" (as described in OP) but was just not sure it if meant anything more than "normal" PMS (of which I never had before pregnancy).

Anyway, yes, given my family hx and my own instinct that I don't feel "right"...I would think that would count for something ?!?!
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