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Warning... quite whiney!

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Ok... I'm going to whine. Pregnant with twins (27 weeks), who are growing so the round ligaments and muscles are quite sore. I have a dislocated rib, and JUST got over a month long cold. I have sciatica pretty bad in my right leg, and the rib allows me to only sleep on my right side.

Yesterday both my other kids were sick with stomach flu... today its me.

Fever, nausea, vomiting and diarhea, and the WORST GI cramps (NOT contractions, like stomach churning) and for some crazy reason the babies are insano active. Soooo OUCH. I've just got some meds for the vomitting, if they dont' work I get to go and get some fluids.

WHAAAAAAAAA My life has been sooo nuts lately I just need a break. I want to feel good and enjoy my last pregnancy... ugh.

Thank you for listening. I really needed to whine.. no one here gets it
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Oh boy...... you have good reasons to whine !
Hope you feel better soon !

Hugs if you want them !

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the babies are probably moving so much since there's so much 'action' in your intestines, etc. its probably pretty noisy in there.

im sorry SO sorry that you are feeling so gross. that is just not fair.

hoping for a speedy recovery!
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oh goodness-- you definitely deserve to complain all you want!

i hope it passes quickly!
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I'm finally feeling better. 3 days later. I'm still quite a bit dehydrated, and I can tell by the super dark urine and headache. Lack of my normal beasty veins too. But I'm getting there.. Its just an uphill battle right now because i'm trying to rehydrate myself and get enough fluids (which is a TON) required just for the twins alone. So... lol I feel like I"m floating away with fluids.. but getting there.

Live and learn.. if there is a lesson from this. Just go and get the fluids earlier. I think I would have felt better sooner and not still be dragging today had I not gotten so behind. But... lol an L&D visit didn't sound like fun.
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I was in your shoes when I was 7 mos pregnant with my twins. I had a horrible cough that I just couldn't get rid of and wasn't sleeping. I had one bad coughing episode and I popped a rib, OUCH! Thankfully my chiropractor took care of me. She was able to help with that and my sciaticia too. Wouldn't hurt to find a great chiropractor the last few months of your pregnancy.

Hope things continue to look up for you!
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