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Siblings Sharing Bed

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My two girls, 9 and 5, enjoy sleeping in the same bed when the youngest isn't co-sleeping with dh and me (which is the vast majority of the time). How likely is it that both girls will continue to want to sleep together as they get older? I ask this because I hate to keep buying sheets for a bed that we may not be keeping. Older dd would like to buy a comforter set, and I've been holding off trying to figure out what the future will bring.

Has anyone had siblings who continued to share a bed into the teen years?

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My 9yo loves sleeping with her younger sister (2.5), and they both are excited to 'someday' share their bed with the baby.

That said, the 9yo gets to pick her bedding. She cares more about that sort of thing, and we see it as a 'thank you' for being so sweet to share her space with Little Ones.

If the time comes that she's done sharing beds with them, she knows she can let us know and we'll move towards a different arrangement as finances and space allows, no hard feelings.
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Things do typically change. They are little now but as puberty approaches, most start wanting their own space. I have a boy and girl 3 years apart. They shared a room by choice. They often fell asleep in the same bed. That started changing after DD turned 11. They curl up on the couch. Despite having her own room, she often does her homework in DS's room just to be close. However, when it comes to sleeping, they want their own rooms and beds now.
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Same here. My boys 11 & 6, had separate & shared room the past 2-1/2 years by choice, often they fell asleep together in the same bed. Until two months ago, my 11yo decided to move the bed back to his room and slept there most nights.
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I would allow the older girl to pick out the bedding, i am sure the youngest would like it as well! My boys are 11 and 8 and although they have always shared a room we have always TRIED to keep them in separate rooms however they always end up snuggled up in one twin bed. We have even moved the youngest to his bed in the middle of the night so they have more room to stretch out in the morning they are together again...LOL in fact i have even found them under one of the beds curled up together, they are inseperable. its cute how much they love eachother, however how can they possibly getting a good nights rest.
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My guess is, most likely it will change to some degree in the future. However, it's not a promise. Right now when DS asks to sleep with his sister she's most of the time very happy to have him in her bed (or nest, or yurt or what ever other sleeping arrangement she's come up with). Also, even while we were teens my brother and I occasionally shared a bed. It really just depends on the kids.
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My 12yo does occasionally still sleep w/her 5.5yo brother. I let them on weekends, at her discretion (he would every night, so mostly he sleeps w/us in the big bed). She doesn't want to too often, but occasionally she does, and it's wonderful.
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My 11 yo dd and her 9 yo bro don't really share a bed anymore (that stopped last year and was mutual), but they still love to sleep in the same room. Now their almost 4 yo dd likes to bunk where ever the other are most nights.
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My girls (aged 13 and 10) have their own rooms and their own beds. They both have queen beds. At least 3-4x/week, they choose to cosleep. However, they are very territorial about their rooms and privacy during the day time (they've decided that they have to knock, get each other's permission to come in, etc.). I think it is great that even if they are annoyed or arguing sometimes, they still like each other's company and rely on each other.

I don't see it ever needing to stop unless they want to. Sometimes I separate them if they are still up giggling and talking too late and I'm worried they won't be able to get up for school in the morning. I always think of that scene in Pride and Prejudice (with Keira Knightly) where the sisters Elizabeth and Jane are in bed giggling and talking and I hope my daughters still have such a close relationship when they are older.

So my vote would be to get them their own beds if that is what they want, but make sure at least one is a double/full size so they can sleep together when they want to.
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Why would you not be keeping the bed? They may want to co-sleep every single night, or they may want to co-sleep only occasionally, or they may stop completely. But the bigger bed may still come in handy for sleepovers. My oldest often shares her twin bed with a friend who's sleeping over- they don't seem to mind squishing, but if she had a larger bed, it would certainly be more comfortable.

If I were you, I'd go ahead and get new bedding for the current bed, if the current bedding is getting worn out. There's no need to buy new bedding if the old stuff is holding up well, even if the girls *want* new sheets. You may want to get a twin bed AND keep the current larger bed when they're old enough to want separate beds.
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I slept with my sister(4 years younger than me) until I moved out at 18. I loved it!!!
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