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Oh I forgot I also watched Blue Bloods, which I liked and Boardwalk Empire which is pretty interesting although more graphic than I'd like.
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I watched Blue Bloods and I love it!!!!
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I feel as though I should go on record as saying that I never watch Jerry Springer
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I watched Chase last night and thought it semi-decent.
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Someone asked about Hellcats...

It's cheesy...but fun.
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Originally Posted by AFWife View Post
Someone asked about Hellcats...

It's cheesy...but fun.
I've been watching it and I kinda like it. I'll definetely stick with it.

About raising hope...I'm watching it right now, I missed the pilot and I must agree. It's weird humor. The little girl is cute and the 'dad' seems to care so I'll watch it and see what happesn.
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I really wanted to like Chase but something was really off about it. I can't quite articulate it beyond to say that it felt oddly contrived.
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Originally Posted by phathui5 View Post

The Good Wife- Watched last season and am glad it's coming back.
I'm so thrilled this is back on, and it was a great first episode. I love this show!
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I'm liking The Whole Truth, but not sure if i care for the gimmicky last minute where you find out "what really happened"....but the cast is good.

I've recorded No Ordinary Family but havent watched yet.

Is anyone watching Detroit 1-8-7 ? I havent yet, but they were filming about a mile from my house yesterday, and my sister got to watch them. That kind of excitement doesnt usually happen where we live!

I'm glad my old regulars are back on: Greys Anatomy, Private Practice, Biggest Loser, Brothers and Sisters, and Survivor.
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I watched No Ordinary Family, and I liked it until the last part. I really am not interested in another Heroes. It would like it better if it didn't have the conspiracy and no good superpowers vs bad superpowers. BTDT.
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I watched the second episode of Mike and Molly and it was much better.
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