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Not ready!

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Someone else reassure me that bloody show doesn't mean imminent labor. Today's my first day home from work (with my son in preschool) and I'm not due for two more weeks. I was so looking forward to having some quiet time by myself, and I'm just not feeling ready. Or maybe I'm still in denial about going through childbirth again. With my son, spotting began about two days before serious labor, but I've already seen my blood-tinged discharge than I did last time. Deep breath. Thanks for your support!
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Well, I'd be doing my best to stay well rested if I were in your shoes (and I was last time) and take care of any last items that HAVE to be done before the baby arrives. Still, I believe all it means is your cervix is changing and it's more likely to change well before labor if you've had a child before. I know exactly what you mean, though. Today is my first day off work and DS is still in daycare this entire week. I NEED my me time to de-stress!
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I had mine almost 2 weeks ago. Granted i'm on bed rest and meds to stop labor so maybe that is why I haven't gone yet but still. There is hoping it means nothing.
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With DS, bloody show came right before he did... I feel your pain as today was my last day of work and I'm really needing some me time too. Like a whole week of it! However, i'm well aware that as soon as we de-stress and relax, the baby pops out.
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Thanks everyone - and Eresh, I hope you get some rest alone at home too! The colored discharge stopped all day, came back in the evening, and then just a tiny amount today, so I'm still hopeful I have a few more days. At the same time, I had big plans for cooking/freezing that I've down-scaled in order to get some rest. And I made it to my dentist and hair appointments today, at least, which I know is no big deal but still... nice to check off my list.
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I hope you're able to get everything done you want to get done before labour starts...and that you get some rest!
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