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My story and A little lost...

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I've been reading through the threads here about reversing/halting dental problems and I'm a little lost.

What is CLO?

Additionally, there is no way we can afford $10 for a gallon of raw milk. Is there an alternative to raw? I would love to be able to buy the very best food, but after a year and a half of struggling through unemployment for my husband, our household finances don't allow for many extras.

Now for my story -- About two months ago, I discovered a dark spot on my two year old son's upper 1st year molar. I made an appointment with a pediatric dentist, who confirmed it was a cavity and that an almost identical cavity is forming in the other top molar. The dentist recommends we get them filled, BUT for this to happen, they want my son to go back by himself. In over two years of life, my son has been in the care of someone other than myself or my husband three times and he was an itty, bitty infant then. I don't feel comfortable just sending him back behind a closed door, but the dentist's office insists that not having mom or dad there allows them to build a better "repertoire" with the child. I guess I'd understand more if my kid was older, but he's two. Anyway, since the dentist confirmed it's a very small cavity, and his second recommendation is to do nothing (though, the assistant told me that they weren't really recommending that), I thought we'd try to halt/reverse the decay. I wish I could find a dentist that understood that it's ok for kids to be attached to their parents, especially when they're little, and one that made the parents feel like they were part of the process, instead of an inhibitor of it. If I didn't care about my son's teeth, the dentist would have never seen him in the first place.

I know there is a ton of information in this forum, but I honestly feel a little lost with it. I've been brushing his teeth 2-3 times a day, plus we've added xylitol gum (Spry?) to our daily regimen. He doesn't eat a lot of sweets, though they are eating occasionally. We do still night nurse, but only occasionally and it seems to only be when his incoming molars are hurting him. We're working on falling asleep more often without nursing to sleep with back rubs and cuddles, but sometimes, it just doesn't work. I know I could let him cry it out, but I'm not comfortable with this either. I just don't know what to do anymore.

Any suggestions you may have to offer, or posts you can recommend I read, is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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CLO is cod liver oil.
FCLO is fermented cod liver oil.

Fermented Cod liver oil is important for teeth health because it contains essential fats and vitamins A and D. People usually take it with butter oil as that contains vitamin K2. When K2, vit A, and vit D are in the diet, they work together to promote teeth health and healing. Raw milk is good because it has calcium, minerals, and fats, but grass fed dairy is most important. The grass fed dairy has high amounts of K2, and grain fed has way less.

Other things that help with teeth healing is brushing with pascalite clay and cell salts.

Hope that helps with some basic info!
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Thank you so for the quick overview!

I have another semi-dumb question... where do I find these things? Obviously not at the local Walmart A health food store, maybe?
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FCLO is usually online at greenpastures.com or org.
That is where you can get butt oil too.

Kerry gold butter is grass fed and available at many local grocery stores. If you use enough of that you many not need to use butter oil.

Pascalite is from pascalite.com. Order early as they take a long time to ship it out.

Cell salts are available online, but your local HFS can order them. This is something we did that really helped with dd's decay to stop.
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Where are you located? If you are anywhere near a dentist who has a Healozone machine, I'd definitely recommend that. Usually those dentists also have "fugi" fillings, where they can just smear a temporary filling on with no drilling, which is obviously much easier on a little kid. That will help the tooth hold until later, either you will have figured out how to reverse the decay OR your kid will be old enough and better able to handle getting a regular filling without being sedated.

Dr Kammer's office in WI http://www.thesmileexperts.com/ can e-mail you a list of all dentists who have an ozone machine. Just call and ask for it (I just got it last week!). Definitely find a dentist who will allow you to stay with your child! That is just rediculous IMO, and you can find someone else who will be respectful of your bond with your child.

Two other resources I would check out if I were you are Heal Tooth Decay by Rami Nagel, and Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye by a Dr. Ellie ? - both have websites. Also, you may want to read some articles about tooth decay at www.westonaprice.org and the Price Pottenger Foundation.

On the milk, not all raw milk is $10 a gallon. In our area, there is a "herd share" fee you have to pay up front - say maybe $75 which guarantees you 1 gal per week. Here the milk is then more like $6 per gallon. BUT, there are more and more sources of grassfed dairy that you can get in stores. Also, you need to make sure your kid isn't sensitive to dairy (mine are)... but if your family does well on it, concentrate on getting good butter, and also you could get a good yogurt (Trader's point creamery is somewhat widely available at health food stores) and/or good raw milk cheeses. You can even mail order all this stuff if you can find the funds in your budget but can't get it locally.

My dd is now 7 and we have 2 abcessed teeth, and decay on all the rest of her baby molars and we're still really having a hard time deciding what to do (beyond the two extractions).

Luckily you stilll have time to research and choose a path you feel good about as your baby's teeth aren't that bad yet. The thread in this forum about reversing tooth decay is also really good.

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