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Help me love to babywear again!

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My 3rd baby is 3 months old now. He weighs about 18 lbs or so, and he's pretty tall (maybe 26-27 inches). I can't figure out a comfortable way to wear him, so he's not getting worn as much as my first 2, and I'm looking to change that.

He quickly outgrew the pocket I have. He just seems uncomfortable in it, in the cradle hold. He has no where near the neck/head control for a hip carry. He is really much more "squishy" and newborn-like than that. Not like an older baby. This was my favorite sling with #2, but he was much smaller.

I have a ring sling, which I used for my first baby a LOT, but this time, it seems to hurt my back if I wear him for more than, say, 30 minutes at a time.

I also have a babyhawk mei tei that I have used off and on through the years. This baby is okay in it, but he's very restless in it, like he's trying to get comfortable.

For some background, he is the most mellow baby you've ever met. Never cries, never fusses. For naps, you just lay him down and he goes to sleep. It's the craziest thing I've ever seen. If I try to wear him to sleep (like if we're out and about), that's when he cries. He's not fond of that. But, other than that, very chill.

So, help me find the perfect sling/carrier/wrap for me!
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He should be big enough for a SSC if you are interested in one. I love AngelPacks and they aren't as big and overwhelming on younger babies like some can be. There are tons of great SSC out there though. Do you have any local babywearing groups near you? They are a great way to try different kinds of carriers to see what works for you. Check on Yahoo Groups, a lot seem to be on there.

Good luck!
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I would try a ssc- I love our boba.
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Bobas are great, but designed specifically for babies 6+ months, so is the Oh Snap. Those are both considered "toddler" carriers, though you can use them with older babies too. At 3 months, those carriers would be too big right now for you to use.
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Are you trying the Babyhawk with his legs inside the panel or out? If you've keeping them inside, try to see if he'd fit legs out (you can modify the width by using a hair band or yarn to narrow the base). Some babies really dislike having their legs inside the carrier, maybe that is the reason he gets fidgety in the Babyhawk.
The other thing I would suggest trying is a woven wrap. You will have a lot of options with a woven wrap, and he can definitely have his legs out. You can even try your hand at high back carries, which a lot of babies your son's age love, as it give them a great view of the world.
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Re: Help me love to babywear again!

I love my Baby K'tan. It is a soft stretchy wrap that offers various wearing positions. Good luck!

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It sounds to me like the KOZY would be perfect for you. It is a spin off of a mei tei... but has all the head support a nb needs, you can even have a nb on your back in this carrier! I bought this one for DS1 because he was 19 lbs (but almost a year) and I found he was getting too heavy to front carry in my baby buddha (similar to the moby i believe) I love the KOZY though and reccomend it to everyone. If you wear it out a lot (I walk pretty much everywhere, wear it in stores etc...) I would def recommend paying the $10 to add a pocket. It's huge (it fits: cloth diaper, cover and wetbag, large wallet, husbands wallet, butt spray and wipes) with room left over!
Hope this helps! <><
Anyways... here's the link you can check out!
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oh, almost forgot to say... you can also put baby on your back by yourself with this carrier. i don't know of any others you can do that with!
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W a long baby, i much prefer back carries. The main concern is head positioning. My fave carrier for the back is my onbu, the only one ive been able to put on by myself. But at that age and without head control, id probably go for a woven wrap.
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With a heavy baby, I use a ring/pouch sling just for quick dashes in and out of the store because it hurts my shoulder almost instantly.

I've tried a couple of different mei tais, and both kids were how you said your son is- squirmy, can't seem to get comfy, etc.

I LOVE my woven wrap, even with a heavier baby. I was backwrapping DS when he was 6 days old, and still wrap him now that he's 8 months and 24 lbs.

For longer treks, though, I gotta say the SSC is the way to go. No matter how carefully I wrap I still get achy spots or the wrap slips a bit and needs readjusting. The SSC is very consistent, very comfy, doesn't slip.

SIL got one for her 3 month old, who is heavy and long and was very squishy/newborn like even at that age. She made sure he was seated well, and the back of the carrier came up to about his ears. She also used the sleeping hood to help with head positioning for back carries.
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I second the SSC or woven

I've had a similar situation with my now five mo. old. He hated the pouch, sling, and refuses to face in. The only way I could BW him and not have him scream was to face him out in a woven wrap. I recently bought a Pikkolo SSC as well since the Ergo wasn't cutting it (no facing out) and I wanted the ease of a SSC. We love our woven and it's kept me sane during this difficult BW faze, but the Pikkolo has been wonderful! I was even able to nurse him in it and have him fall asleep (a first for this babe). I've not used a BH but was really tempted at one point to try one out. I think making it narrower for him to face out is a good idea to try also.

I know you have a 3mo. old and he may be too young to face out (not sure when we started) depending on his head control, so maybe these suggestions won't help you right now, but I TOTALLY understand where you're coming from. I hope you get some great suggestions here and find what works.
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