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Edit: See post #7. Thanks anyway, everyone.


Cassandra "Casey" Lennon went missing Wednesday night 9/15. She was last seen leaving work at the Alderwood B&N in Lynnwood, WA around 10:30pm, but never arrived home. I used to work there with her and I can't believe this is happening! She is a very sweet lady with two sons that need their mama.

Here are some postings, please look at her face and her car/plates and keep your eyes out!




If you can print out a flier (via the first link) and post it at your local grocery stores, etc, all the better.

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Oh no. I have chills all over reading this. I hope and pray she is found safe and sound.
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Posting this to my facebook.
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Bump. It's been over a week, now. We need to find her.
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Posting to FB and praying that she makes it home safe and sound.
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Im not from your area, but rather North Carolina (she has a connection to South Carolina I see) is there a Facebook page about this I can share with all of my Facebook contacts or just the news reports (will be sharing the news reports but would also like to share a Facebook page if there is one)
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Thanks, guys, but she was found this morning. Pretty numb here.

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Oh no.
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How sad.
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so very sad.
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