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new babies and the holidays

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Is anyone concerned or taking precautions about our brand new little babies being around so many people for the winter holidays, right in the middle of cold/flu season? Another mama asked that question of one of the L&D nurses last week while we were taking a tour of the facilities, and I honestly hadn't thought about it before. The nurse's suggestions (specifically for Thanksgiving) were either to just take the baby in for 5 minutes so people could ooh and aah and then taking a doggie bag and leaving, or wearing the baby in a wrap to discourage people from touching it.

What are you all doing?
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Eh. The only "percaution" we're taking is not traveling (as we usually do) over the holidays to see my family 7 hours away. We usually switch back and forth for holidays between DP's family and mine (i.e., one year we'll do Thanksgiving w/ my folks and Christmas w/ hers, the next we'll flip).

This year, we're just staying in town (and my parents are coming to us for Thanksgiving). The decision wasn't really made because of germs or the like, just that we are anticipating that we won't feel like traveling or being in a "strange" place with an infant.
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We totally stay home for the first 3ish months. We may have close relative visitors but only one at a time. Most of extended fam lives too far away so there wont be any 'gatherings' we need to attend for the holidays. IF we go anywhere I'll wrap baby in my home-made wrap (like the Moby-wrap but much cheaper) that prevents any outside/unwanted invasions Keep 'em safe at least until their tiny immune system is stronger. Just not worth the risk in my Op.
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Originally Posted by kallyn View Post
wearing the baby in a wrap to discourage people from touching it.
That's a great idea!

We will drastically limit visitors for the first week or two and we're simply not committing to any Thanksgiving or Christmas gatherings until closer to the date. Need to see how my recovery goes, how DS1 is adjusting and what baby is like before deciding whether to travel or have anyone for dinner at our place. We did the same thing when DS1 was born (November) and everyone was fine with it. I felt a bit bad keeping my parents' and IL's plans hanging, but they understood. Most people are more than happy to make room for a new baby if you decide to join in at the last moment.
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IDK, I've never been particularly concerned with germs. I just ask people to use some hand sanitizer if it's a brand new baby, otherwise I'm not worried
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Originally Posted by veganjoy View Post
You could also request that relatives wash their hands before holding the baby, and find out in advance if anyone is ill before attending family gatherings.

How about a key chain with Purell or other hand sanitizer if you have to be around people? I think most don't realize or think about it and just want to touch "the cute widdle munchkin..."
Maybe that would be a wakeup call for them without having to be too rude.

Even strictly breastfeeding I still like home best
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I'm not a big germophobe, and I already have a toddler who will bring home anything and everything going around. So I'm not that worried.

I'll just have the baby in my arms, in a sling or wrap, and on the boob constantly.

I am one of "those" moms (or at least I was with DS) who doesn't like anyone to hold the baby for long for a few months. Like, I don't like people to hold my baby just to hold my baby. If baby needs to be held and I need to pee, they can hold my baby. lol

And I'm pretty comfortable saying that - "it's not you, it's this totally irrational need I have. If someone else holds my baby I feel like I'm missing a limb."
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This isn't my particular area of worry, but I do usually wear a new baby in a carrier if I go some place with lots of people (ie, church). I plan to bring this baby to the usual family holiday gatherings-- I will probably use the sling a lot, and will definitely have people wash up before holding him or her. If there is an exceptionally bad flu season I will follow appropriate precautions for that. But in our situation, I know that realisticall,y my older children will be bringing plenty of colds, etc., home from school, and that even with good handwashing we will have some illness exposure.
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I'm not particularly worried either, but I think the carrier and hand washing are great ideas!

Having said that, I'm due 4 days before Canadian Thanksgiving, and 3 days before my family celebrates the holiday. If I go overdue and I'm feeling up to it, I'm really looking forward to the meal. Otherwise I'll probably miss it because I'll either be in labour or could possibly have a very wee one on my hands. I've been thinking about potatoes and gravy and stuffing and pumpkin pie...mmm

By the time Christmas rolls around, baby should be at least 2.5 months old.
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I'm not worried at all. DD1 was born around this time in 2008 and never got sick as an infant. I was really anal about people washing their hands though and my mom's a nurse so she would make sure everyone did too. Plus DD1 nursed every hour or two so she was pretty much attached to me most of the day.
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I'm not really too worried about it, though I'm not going to be anyplace where "pass the baby" is expected. We'll go out to a restaurant on Thanksgiving, as is our tradition.

I do have two older children, one of whom is in preschool, who I expect to be bringing home every germ and bug known to man. So I don't think that I could hide from it even if I wanted to
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Babymooning, breastfeeding and babywearing

We'll stay home for the first 2 - 3 weeks, and babywear whenever we go somewhere after that. But breastfeeding is the best thing you can do for your baby's immune system.
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It seems like mostly no one's fussed about it! I was curious since this will be my first and we will literally have about 30 people at my parents' house for Thanksgiving, and I just know someone will be sick and that too many people will want to touch the baby. Normally there are only around 18 people, but pretty much all the extras are coming specifically to see us, some from across the country, so not going is not an option. I guess I'll just babywear and shove a bottle of hand sanitizer at anyone that gets too close! (I'm not normally germ phobic in the slightest, but the poor little thing will only be around a month old and its immune system won't be firing on all cylinders yet, know?)
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You can also use needing to nurse as an excuse to get away from all the hubbub for a while. I find that my babies get very overwhelmed with all the noise/touching/etc in a large gathering. My first would really be upset by it. And, if you need to nurse the baby...no one else can hold it. So, when you walk in, say somewhat apologetically, "Sure, Mom, you can hold him, but he'll probably be hungry in a few minutes. He's being eating once an hour!" Then, you are guaranteed about 30 minutes of peace every hour while you go off to nurse (and hold and quiet and gentle) your baby. And then, of course, you'll be happy to take him out of the wrap...when he wakes up and has been fed...
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I'm really not worried about it. Ds came in November and he was a preemie - I still took him to thanksgiving with the family and just held him myself. When someone did want to hold him, I let them. My family is pretty respectful and it's wasn't over the top, so I'm not worried.

This time I'm going to have to be out and about very soon after this one is born. It might be to take ds to fencing lessons, or it might be school related, but we will need to be out. So I plan to wear him in a wrap as much as possible.
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