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website addy question (.co or .biz?)

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Hello, I do a type of bodywork and am working on my website now. I need to get a new domain name. Pretend my technique is massage therapy...which one would you go with?


or www.massagetherapy.biz

.net is available but expensive

Should I try and get a different .com addy or does it matter?

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IMO you always want to try to get a .com address. That's what people instinctively go to first and if its a competitor you are basically promoting them with all your efforts.

It may seem expensive to start but its a once a year charge, not monthly. Usually they are about $10 or so for a .com

Hosting is the one that is a monthly charge and that's where most the money goes when talking about website costs.
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Thank you! That seems to be the consensus I'm getting. One of the domains I looked at was for sale for like $700. I think I'll stick to the $10 range!

I could do www.massagetherapynow.com or I could do my name... I get so bogged down in this stuff it takes me a long time and I need something by the end of the week.

I'm just doing vistaprint because it matches my cards and is easy enough for me to do.
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I agree with Kristine. Picking a good website name that isn't .com is just asking for problems. No one looks at whether a site is .com, .biz, etc. They just remember the name and inevitably type it in as .com and find someone else's site. Better to pick something unique that you can get as a .com.
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If you are going local and want to create a name for yourself I'd lean towards using your name. Especially if you are a one-person business and want word-of-mouth advertising. Or work it into your business name. I'd go with the more general name, or a catchy business name if it was primarily web based. The business name can work for both in almost all situations, given that the business name isn't too general.
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Oh great! I am one person and I work out of a chiropracter's office but am independent. On my cards it says Name @ blank center.

I have a business name that is on paperwork but I don't use it and it actually doesn't apply to my business as well as it did when I first started.

A friend pointed out that the one I was thinking about is only one of my techniques that I use and that it may change over time...

So yes, my name for now and then if I come up with a great business name I will change it and get the .com website later on.

Thanks so much! This really helped.
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Glad it helped! I keep a "myname.com" set up with a basic portfolio for local stuff as well. (although very out of date right now, lol) Its just far more personal and I know that at least in our community that is a big deal.
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