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how are YOU keeping your bathroom floor clean??

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I just need some everyday strategies. We have 5 people (one potty training) and a dog in one bathroom. The floor is always a mess. I want a house with "no shoes" policy, but no one is cooperating, except the dog.

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Towels. I throw a towel on the floor & when it gets icky it goes in the hamper & I throw a clean one down.
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We have 5 people & 4 pets, but 2 bathrooms. I normally do a quick sweep or a vacuum (tiny bathrooms) and do a full steam mop every two weeks. Most of the time-or at least once a week- I end up taking a cloth & just wiping the floors down with it.
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I vacuum often. I tossed my matts so I can get in and out without having to move anything. When I switch out hand towels I use the old one to do a quick mop with a spray bottle and my foot.
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We have 3 children and no pets. I must admit that nobody wears shoes into the bathrooms here...as they only go in there to have a shower in the morning, so we all have bare feet.
And during the day we don't wear shoes around the house, only put them on before going out.

We have 3 bathrooms, the first one is quite small, the second one is an ensuite, the third is the biggest but is more of a guest bathroom that we only use ourselves when we are in the downstairs area...but we don't shower in there.

Actually I think our bathrooms don't show dirt much because they all have really horrid old tiles from the 70's, in very busy patterns, so the dirt really doesn't show, lucky for me!

Also I put bathmats down which get changed often, and I also vacuum weekly, and mop every 2nd week.

I guess when I get my wish of renovated bathrooms, the floors may show dirt more easily...
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Definitely get no shoes going. We live in an apartment in the city and consequently have turned even more germaphobic than ever before. Ewww, city shoes! *shudder* Shoes off at the door. We shall buy brand new shoes once we leave Va.

What I do is after using a towel a bunch of times, I then lay it on the floor outside the shower for a day or two, then when I feel the need to, I scoot said damp towel all around the floor until I reach the doorway, then pick it up and toss it in the wash or the laundry bin. I do the same with the kitchen floor, except it's a damp kitchen towel in there. I am an expert scooter, and my dd loves to scoot around too. Good leg exercises, also, heh. Once every few days I'll use a washcloth or some sort of smaller towel and wipe around the "edges" of the bathroom and kitchen to get that stuff more easily too. Hope this helps a bit- you can do it!

P.S. Hooray, it's Fall!
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Maybe not exactly what you're asking, but I put my foot down several years ago and made the boys sit while peeing. They still do it. No more pee on the floor.
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When I haven't got time for a thorough cleaning I sometimes use a damp wad of TP to mop the floor really quick then flush it.
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I do a good mop once a week and a quick mop every couple days. For my quick mop, I spray and wipe with a swifter sweeper with a micro-fiber cloth.

It drives me batty, especially since 2 of 3 of my kids has a runny nose and is missing the garbage.
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I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one who runs the hand or bath towel around the floor with her foot before tossing it in the wash. Usually it's when there's a bit of water on the floor from a shower or bath. Or pee. (to which I will add a few sprays of Bac Out before swiping the towel around)

Best thing I did for easy floor cleaning in the bathroom is to get my hair cut super short.
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yep, totally do the towel on the floor as mop thing. works great.

because DS usually plays in there, there is water on the floor in the evenings. DH has a conniption if there is water on the floor and he steps in it in his socks, so, after DS plays, i take a towel and wipe/mop the whole floor, and then DH is fine because he doesn't have wet socks and the floor is clean. i pretty much do the same thing with the kitchen, because DS likes to "wash the dishes" and that means getting a fair bit of water on the floor, so i mop that one up quickly too.
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what about putting a whisk broom and dustpan and some spray cleaner (or vinegar) and a few rags in a basket under the sink? whenever you go in the bathroom you could do a 20 second sweep, and spray any dirty areas and wipe up. I would think it should take under a minute? that would be my thought.
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Bathroom floors get mopped twice a week. One quick mop midweek and one steam mop at the end of the week.
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