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Sister Wives!

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Is anyone else excited to see this start on TLC? I'm watching the clips on TLC's website right now.
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Oh, I want to see it. When does it start? *too lazy to google*
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i want to see this too!
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Dh and I want to see this too! I think it comes on Sunday?
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I would like to see it also. I think it will be interesting.
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yes sunday it is. i ave to DVR it later in the week because of other shows being DVRed... i will be checking in here for how it was
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Eh, I'd only watch if it were Brother Husbands.
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Sunday the 26th. I think at 10pm. I have it set to record in case I'm not back from work.
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I'm looking forward to seeing it too... I just hope I can stay up that late!
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i'm so excited!!!
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It's tomorrow! I'm so excited.
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how is this show legal?
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Originally Posted by Shaina View Post
how is this show legal?
Freedom of speech? Lot of illegal stuff ends up on TV like shows about users of illegal drugs. Whether or its wise of a TV station to broadcast a program showing what is technically illegal behavior is another question (not weighing in on that one!)--but this isn't really breaking any new ground in a broad sense.

In terms of the family, I believe they are in Utah and the AG there has said he won't go after polygomous families unless there is abuse involved so it's unlikely they will be prosecuted. Plus doing so would likely be a public relations nightmare for the state. If this show is anything like other shows portraying unusual family arrangements, it will likely cast them in a sympathetic light.
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I started to watch the show, and I couldn't get past the first 15 minutes. Something just rubbed me wrong...

As for the polygamy part, so long as his has not legally married each wife (ie: marriage certificates for each) it is legally considered an affair, or other such arrangement.
So long as he doesn't attempt to get married to the other women through the state, he is fine.

As for the abuse part, I have heard that one a lot.
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I really enjoyed the first episode. It's like real life Big Love. I was delighted to see that they encourage and allow the children to follow their own paths regarding religion and marriage.

I suppose I am of the "live and let live" camp. If it floats their boat, more power to 'em. I admit that the thought of extra wives actually seems appealing to me in some respects.

I'm curious to see what others think.
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I totally plan on watching this show. I missed it tonight but plan on catching a rerun.
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Hmmm both DH and I watched it and I also love Big Love. But in my opinion I thought it was well done.

I don't care what your family looks like, big/small/single parents/gay parents/straight parents/etc...
I just don't care. As long as a family is happy and healthy then whatever works for them is perfect for them.

I was concerned that it wouldn't be a healthy family but I was plesently surprised and even said as much to DH. Take away the "three wives" prejudice and it really appears to be a normal, happy, healthy and well functioning family. Isn't that what counts?

I do not agree with the whole "compound" life as shown in the show Big Life or in real life like Bountiful or others. But that is because to *me* not depictions of happy, healthy or well functioning.

This family is headed by four consenting, smart and (as far as I can tell) educated adults who knew what they wanted and who they wanted to marry or be with. That's enough for me. Especially when you see the kids also appear to be happy, healthy and well functioning.

I can't wait for next week. The fourth wife dynamic is interesting.
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man i loved it. my bff would be a great sister wife
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I was surprised that DH sat down and watched it with me last night. Overall I liked it. While it certainly doesn't represent a huge portion of polygamous arrangements in this country (and I sincerely hope this show doesn't distract from the plight of those women and girls), it is nice to see a happy functioning family.

I did tell DH that if it didn't involve sharing him, I can totally see the draw of having other women you are close to around to co-care for kids, knowing there's always someone there to back you up.

But I'm the totally selfish type so I'm not sharing
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Dh and I just watched it on the tlc site...its up there if you havent watched it yet, so no waiting for a rerun.
It was interesting. I find it very complicated, especially for the man. How he can balance a job, 12 kids, 3 wives, and have alone time for himself PLUS date another woman is ......well.......insane!!!! He must be exhausted and confused most of the time!
I think the kids are great in this show, and the wives all seem really happy together, so good for them .The addition of the 4th wife is going to prove challenging, I bet. They all seem content and used to the situation as it is now, so adding a newbie is going to cause some sparks for sure. Looking forward to the next one!
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