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Anyone else have a rupture in vaginal wall?

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Posted this before in the VBAC thread - lots of people viewed but no one responded. Trying again here.
During the birth of my son on 1/21/04, I went from a home water birth to the hospital after 2nd stage stalled to an emergency c-sec when his heart rate started to drop. I had been fully dialated for 12 hours (in the hospital for 6) -yow. During the surgury, my vaginal wall ruptured and so inside I have a t insition, outside it's just vertical. As the doc was sewing me up he told me I could never have a vaginal birth, or even labor, again.
He was 9 lbs 11 oz and was prestenting with corner of his head.
Has anyone heard of a VBAC after vaginal rupture? I'm most worried that even thou the rerupture rate is 7%, no provider would work with me due to mall practice risk. I'd also love to talk with anyone who has experienced the surgery because it's taking me much longer to heal physicaly then the folks I know who had a c-sec w/ no complications.
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I didnt have a Vaginal rupture. My rupture was in my uterus coming off of my previous c-sec scar.
From what i know, and people i have talked to i would absolutly 100% say that theres no chance of you having a VBAC.
Thats just my exp, with the people i have meet that have had ruptures and from ALL the drs i have talked to.

If you want to talk you can PM/email me Theres also a yahoo group list for rupture survivors that i can link you to. Its FULL of information and different type of rupture survivors. SOme lost their babies, some lost their uterus, some babies lived, and other went on to have an after rupture baby (like me )
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Reba, are you talking about a tear in your vagina or a tear (rupture) in your lower uterus? It sounds like you mean a tear in your uterus.

The risks are higher, but still small. All in all, it is hard to find a provider to do horizontal incision VBACs right now. I would imagine it's pretty darn near impossible to find one that will do a T-incision.

Have you tried talking to your mw or other docs in your area?
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My vaginal was, that was closest to my cervix, actually disinagrated. I've been using the word rupture because it's easier, but since it's so rare there is no clear way to write about it. I only fully got what happened when my midwife, who was in the OR with me, drew a cross section of what she saw . My midwive's ( the 2 from my home birth and the CNM at the hospital) said they had never heard of such a thing. The OB said it was due to the legth of the 2nd stage. A resident said that it's very rare in the US but that she does has seen in more other in the 3rd world where labors are longer.
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