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Country Save works well for us.
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I've used a few different kinds of detergent. I have both country save and rocking green right now. I was really impressed with the build up that came up when I soaked with Rocking Green so I went ahead and bought a bunch. Honestly, my diapers are getting cleaner with Country Save. I'll use up the RG and stick to Country Save now.
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I just use the same All Free and clear liquid that I use on all our cloths. I don't think we've had any real problems so far, but DD's diapers have nylon, not PUL, so it could be worse on other dipes. I'm considering trying something new, but right now don't have the energy to make a change.
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We have only been cloth diapering a couple months, but so far I have also been very happy with the All Free&Clear on our diapers. Both I and DD have very sensitive skin, and have been pretty happy with the various brands of the fragrance-free HE detergents, but this one is cheaper and I don't seem to need to use very much. I looked into some of the eco-friendly brands like Charlie's, etc. but I am really not organized enough to order it online nor do I feel like experimenting with yet another product right now. So I'd say, if you have the inclination try the Charlie's and compare it with the All Free & Clear. Good luck!

Oh, and I always wash in hot water unless it's a poop-free load (not often). I wash most of our clothes in hot water too unless it's a delicate item because dust mites freak me out.
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I like ALL Free & Clear, as well as Arm and Hammer detergent. Lately though due to a tight budget I've been using the Up & Up (Target brand) free and clear detergent and have no complaints. I use less of course with cloth dipes.

I have heard as well that you can use a small amount of regular detergent on cloth dipes but to stay away from the free and clear brands. (This is from the Fuzzibunz FAQ on their website). I can't make any kind of sense of that and haven't personally had any problems.

I also add some baking soda to the cold pre-soak and a few drops of tea tree oil in with the detergent to disinfect and deoderize. That tea tree oil is S-T-R-O-N-G stuff...only a couple drops is needed.

Haven't tried vinegar or Oxyclean yet for their respective benefits, but I hope to soon.
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i love this chart -


if you can wash with really hot water you dont have to be as picky with your detergent in my experience. if you have hard water, rockin green is the only thing that works.
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I use Country Save because we have fairly hard water. Biokleen totally builds up on everything including towels and diapers in our water.
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