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Job Description: Juliacat's Perfect Diaper

Required Qualifications: Must be a hook-and-loop closing all-in-one with a waterproof outer, a 100% cotton inner, and an externally attached quick-drying absorbent soaker.

Preferred Qualifications: Should be made from a durable inner material (e.g. not flannel). Outer material should be good quality. Soaker should be sewn on rather than snapped on. Should come in something other than plain white. Should come with a doubler that fits underneath the quick-drying soaker. Should cost less than $20.

Disclaimer: This does not apply to newborns; if I had another newborn I would probably do Snugglebottoms with Dappi nylon pants. Also, there is nothing in the slightest wrong with a stash consisting entirely of DSQ prefolds and Swaddlebees ABC Snap Wraps.

Contenders: Proraps AIO, old-style Bumkins AIO, new-style Bumkins AIO, Bum-Ware Original Quick-Dry AIO, Very Baby Very Basic AIO, Bottombumpers AIO, Sposoeasy flannel AIO, Sposoeasy fleece AIO. Others?

I seriously am going to buy one of each of these, use them on DD2 and figure out what the strengths and weaknesses are. Would anyone be interested in seeing a sort of blog or web site record of this? I'm a little leery of posting baby pictures after the *#$& that went down when I was pregnant with DD1, but I could at least post pics of the dipes themselves.