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What are your favorite sites for ordering clothing for breastfeeding?
And especially....any good sites that offer reasonable prices and have more than one long sleeved dress????? I tried motherwear today and they only had one that was a size small.....ick.......
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I don't know of any really, but for dress-up wear, I gave up on dresses and just wore a nice skirt and shirt combo with the shirt stretchy or big enough to pull up to nurse and just wore a nursing tank or nursing bra with a tank top on underneath. If you have any maternity consignment shops in your area, they often have nursing wear too, that might be your best bet for something a little more affordable. I also know some women just get a regular dress that has a low cut top and is stretchy enough to let them pop a breast out of the top, but I'm not comfortable NIP that way if that is what you are looking for, works fine for me if I have a private place to nurse though.
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Motherwear is where I got what nursing clothes I have. I have a longsleeved dress from Woman Within, but I don't know if they carry sizes other than plus. (it has a wrap top so while not specifically "nursing" it is nursing friendly)

Other sorts of dresses that are nursing friendly: shirt dresses that have working buttons in the front. Dresses are hard. you may be better with a top/skirt combo instead.
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Thanks. I guess I'll have to go with the skirt and top idea. I just wish I had more options for winter.....I guess I'll be mostly at home though so it doesn't really matter...I just like to have a few dressier things for church....
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Skirt and a nice top is my choice usually as well. But I also wear regular nice dresses with a scarf. I just pull the boop out the top and cover with the scarf.
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my favourite site is Crave maternity at http://www.cravematernity.co.uk. To me they have their own style and taste

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I have too many websites as my favorite but only prefer to shop from Indian websites. Indian websites are pretty much good for my choice products like apparel, designer suits and sarees I visit http://indiaemporium.com/

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Old Navy.

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This online store has great dresses: http://www.milkface.com/SearchResult.aspx?CategoryID=3
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Momzelle is the only flattering nursingwear I've found.  All the other brands I tried were made shapeless and huge by multiple fabric layers.  They have a couple of dresses that look nice.

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