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I am also taking Clomid for the first time. DH & I have been TTC for 30 months. Found out last month my estrogen levels are low. I had a feeling I was not ovulating, & my doctor agrees.
I am hoping the Clomid works first try.

Today is CD20 & I had some spotting last night & today. I am REALLY hoping it is implantation bleeding & not AF!

CrimsonTideMom- I hope you get a positive OPK tomorrow. The best advice I can give about reducing stress is to keep yourself busy.

Good Luck everyone!
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crimsontidemom - I wish I could figure out a way to not stress about it!!! It's so easy to interpret every. single. thing. I feel as possible signs!

AA - good luck. cd20 seems early for implantation or af. Hope it works out for you.

afm - i still have af - weird, light af that doesn't seem to want to get going. Ugh. But my fil is in the hospital & not expected to make it past the end of the week, so we have decided not to take the clomid this cycle as it is unlikely we will have a good few weeks. I try to focus on this giving me another month to focus on the other things I'm trying to do (ie. lose weight, take b-complex & vitex, etc.).
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Gosh Lifeguard! I'm so sorry to hear of all your worries and troubles! I hope things start to look up for you soon!!!

AFM - Yesterday I had the WORST O pain I have ever had, So I know I definately O'd yesterday! Which is a good thing, but dang! It felt like someone's hand was in my stomach turning and squeezing my ovaries! But, all is well today! At least that's over with! I guess that's the pain that "hurts so good"...

Anyway, no other symptoms really except HUGE boobs! I'm bustin' out my bra! Also, I'm having awesome hunger pains! I mean, it's like there's a monster in there that is going to let loose if I don't feed it! Don't know what that's about... but I thought I would share since everyone here is kinda new to the Clomid thing...
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AA - Do some research on Ovulation Bleeding... I googled it and it really shed a lot of light on some of my symptoms. I had a spot of blood two days ago, but it was over quick, it sure didn't last two days like yours! I agree this should be too early for AF, BUT not too early for implantation, IF you O'd on the 14th, it COULD be early implantation... I read on the all mightly GOOGLE that depending on where your egg was when it was fertilized, it could implant as early as 4-5 days... So HERE'S to hoping!!!

Keep us posted, whatever happens! We're new with this too and want to know every twinge and symptom you're having! It's GREAT to have Clomid buddies!
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lifeguard- It does seem early for both, so who knows!
I am SO SORRY about your FIL! You will be in my thoughts!

Crimsontidemom-Sorry about the O pain. Hopefully it is a GREAT sign though! You crack me up with the Google comments.
What is weird is I have never spotted before AF until a few months ago. HOWEVER it has NEVER been this early. It is just random spotting. Still happening today. It sucks because there is practically NO difference in spotting & implantation bleeding. Like everything else TTC. Geez!
I also had my 21 day progestrone test this morning, so I am excited to get those results!

It is so nice to find people going through the same thing as me. Hardly anyone in RL knows we are TTC, so it is nice to have an outlet, especially now that we are doing Clomid.
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Man... What kind of world would it be without Google and it's side kick Bing???

If I didn't have ya'll to talk to, I'd be like you AA - I wouldn't have an outlet to vent and discuss all the TTC problems and woes!

Just sat here and thunk... What did my Grandmama and my Mom do when they were TTC?? They sure didn't have Google... let alone a COMPUTER!

AA - I'm SOOO excited for you! I hope this spotting is a good thing!! KMFX for you!!! What strength of Clomid are you taking? And what days did you take it at? Im at CD23 today, so we're REAL close together!
I took my Clomid 50mg at days 8-12... My cycles are anywhere from 28-50 days, so it's kinda frustrating...

PRINCESS!!! Where are you!!!
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Wow, we are close together. 2 days apart.
My cycles range from 26-46 days! SO ANNOYING!
I am actually taking 50mg of Clomid too. I took it days CD5-CD8. Is this your first cycle on Clomid?
I also agree I don't know how the hell people managed before google. I know we did, but I am lost as to how. And the poor women who were struggling with TTC before the internet. God bless them! I couldn't imagine.

Totally off topic question... do you live in Alabama?
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Okay, so I got the results back today. My progestrone level is 8.1!
The nurse said it is still high enough that I could be pregnant, but only time will tell. Also if/when I do start this next cycle they are doubling my Clomid dose. They want my levels at 14 or higher.
So IF I make it to CD30 I am supposed to call them to get an appointment for a blood pregnancy test. I could start as early as Monday(CD26),but either way I will know by next Friday!
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Hi AA!

I'm sorry to hear about your results... but I'll keep everything crossed for you! Good Luck and keep me posted!

No, I live in South Carolina and my husband graduated from Alabama... We would love to move there though! Thursday I was fired from my job, so we have had a lot of stress lately. Hopefully this won't kill my good cycle I have going. This morning I had the highest temp I've ever had while charting... So hopefully that's a good thing!

If AF comes this month, then we are going to do 100mg of Clomid next cycle. So AA - If all goes horribly for both of us, we'll remain cycle buddies at least!

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Sorry it took me so long to respond. I got my bfp on 12 dpo. My beta at 13 dpo was 166, and all my ultrasounds have put the conception date a few days earlier than I could have ovulated, so apparently I have an early implanter. My progesterone was 13.9 at 6 dpo. I'm not sure what my early symptoms were because I hadn't had a normal cycle in the last decade. I do remember feeling crampy starting about 6dpo. I just found out that that we're having a girl. I hope everyone else gets their bfp.
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Crimson! I'm here just kinda reading what everyone has to say and wishing I was on clomid already. Kinda got down a little because we got the SA results and although things were not terribly bad our doctor still wants them to be better so now he has to see a urologist. Then he had to go out of town for the next three weeks and won't be back until the 23rd but the good thing is he will see the doctor on the 25th. I have no idea what they are going to do for him to make his situation any better but I do hope they can do something. So maybe we can start clomid in November but who knows so keep your fingers crossed girls : /
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Originally Posted by CrimsonTideMom View Post
WOW!! Congrats Brandy! I hope everything goes great with you and your new little one!!!

When your doctor put you on Clomid, did they talk about multiples? Also, what dose did you use? I'm on 50mg right now, and I think if I don't get preggers this month they are going to switch me to 100mg... Also, he's talking about Metformin... I guess my doctor (because of my cycle history) didn't make me wait a year to put me on meds! MAN! I think I would just DIE!!!

How many DPO where you before you got your BFP!?!?!

Thanks for the insight hun! Keep us posted on how you're doing with your little one!!

Sorry it's taken me so long to answer lol...i've been in lala land at work lately. Thank you for the congrats!!! I was put on 50mg at first and raised to 100mg after doing 2 cycles of 50mg with no results...then i did like 4 rounds on 100mg before he refered me to my RE. My RE told me when we started that he might put me on Metformin but ended up not having to.

I was 10dpo when i got my first BFP on a FRER but it was very faint, i was totally FREAKED thinking that i was going to lose the baby and did start bleeding a little bit right before i hit 6 weeks. I went straight to the hospital and they did an ultrasound. Everything was okay and the fact that they found a heart beat made them feel better about it but there was a little bit of blood that was between my uterus and the placenta but it's absorbed into my body now and baby girl is doing really good!!! I go in tuesday for my 30 week appointment and me and DH start our birthing classes this monday! I'm really looking forward to it again! (THis is our first child together my first DD was from my first marriage and she was a BCP baby! So no problems having her...that's why i had trouble accepting secondary infertility)
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Originally Posted by princesssparkles View Post
Brandy congrats on the new baby! You must be very happy and excited Can I ask why it was that your hormone levels wouldn't rise? What treatments or medications did you try that finally allowed you to become pregnant? Sorry for all the questions I'm just really excited and I kinda want to know what to expect.

He didn't know why, but i think it's because i needed more hormone help than what the Clomid could offer me. I ended up having to use a combo of Femara and an injection shot (i can't remember my doses...but i can go back to the march infertility thread to see)
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Originally Posted by princesssparkles View Post
Brandy can I ask how it is that you got pregnant while on birth control? Was it a mistake on your part or was it the pill?
The doctor's said that my body kinda got "use" to the hormones and they just would stop working so they were changing me out every 3 months to keep me on track. I took them everyday at the same time and we used back up or just didn't DTD when they were changing me out ....so i have NO idea!!! They even changed my birth control while i was pregnant and didn't know it!!!! (I was mad too because they didn't do a pg test in the office they just put me in a room, the doctor came in, and he handed me another scrip after listening to what i had to say!!!)
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Okay last post for today promise!!! I went back and researched my BFP cycle and this is how it went::::::

CD1 ~ 02/18/10
CD2 ~ 02/19/10 ~ HAD B/W AND U/S ~ nurse said too many folicles left over from the OHSS cycle and would have to wait three weeks to be rechecked!!!
CD23~ 03/12/10 ~ HAD B/W AND U/S ~ 5mg Femera and 150IUs Menopur(injectable)
CD24~ 03/13/10 ~ 5mg Femera and 150IUs Menopur
CD25~ 03/14/10 ~ 5mg Femera and 150IUs Menopur
CD26~ 03/15/10 ~ 5mg Femera and 150IUs Menopur
CD27~ 03/16/10 ~ 5mg Femera and 150IUs Menopur
CD28~ 03/17/10 ~ 112IUs Menopur (HAD BREAK THRU BLEEDING)
CD29~ 03/18/10 ~ 112IUs Menopur
CD30~ 03/19/10 ~ B/W U/S ~ 2 follicles continue Menopur inj 112IUs (obstained from BDing)
CD31~ 03/20/10 ~ 112IUs Menopur (obstained from BDing)
CD32~ 03/21/10 ~ 112IUs Menopur (obstained from BDing)
CD33~ 03/22/10 ~ U/S and B/W ~ 4 follicles ready (3 on right 1 on left) injected 35IUs of Menopur and DTD
CD34~ 03/23/10 ~ Ovedrill trigger this AM
CD35~ 03/24/10 ~ DTD again
CD36~ 03/25/10 ~ testing to see when trigger shot is gone (around 1dpo)
CD37~ 03/26/10 ~ testing to see when trigger shot is gone (around 2dpo)
CD38~ 03/27/10 ~ testing to see when trigger shot is gone (around 3dpo)
CD39~ 03/28/10 ~ testing to see when trigger shot is gone (around 4dpo)
CD40~ 03/29/10 ~ Trigger shot is out of system ~ (around 5dpo)
CD41~ 03/30/10 ~ slightly light headed and emotional (around 6dpo)
CD42~ 03/31/10 ~ very tired and getting more light headed (around 7dpo)
CD43~ 04/01/10 ~ emotional wreck!!! And still very tired bb's hurt (about 8dpo)
CD44~ 04/02/10 ~ same as day before (around 9dpo)
CD45~ 04/03/10 ~ same as before can't handle spicy foods and VERY light headed while shopping for easter stuff.....took a FRER at 830 pm on around 10dpo and got a BFP!!!!
CD46~ 04/04/10 ~ Took another FRER and it's still positive at 11dpo and also got a "PREGNANT" on a CBE Digital!!!!

So there's my time line with my medication for this cycle that I got pregnant. I'm about 30 weeks now and really looking forward to having another baby!!! Especially since my other one is going to be 7 near the time that I give birth to this one!!!
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CrimsonTideMom- Sorry I went MIA there for a while. I got busy at work & home. Anyways, you should move back down here. Alabama is AWESOME.lol.
Then we really could be close cycle buddies. Having you on here is great too though! Lol.
I am SO SORRY you lost your job! I hope everything is okay!
I hope we both get our BFP's & we can move on to a different board. If not, at least we have each other.
What CD are you on? I am on CD29 & am supposed to call if AF doesn't show tomorrow!
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Hi AA!

I know I wish we could move there!! Today is CD31 for me... All my tests have been BFN's... I keep taking one each morning. So we'll see what tomorrow brings. Today it felt like I had AF cramps... so, we'll see what tomorrow brings. When AF comes, it's not really cramps that I get, it's more like my ovaries are tugging or pulling away from my body... It's like a straining feeling... Does that make sense? My Luteal Phase is 12 days long, so I should start my period Saturday.
Which sucks... cause Saturday, we're going downtown to watch Alabama play football. We should have a great time, so if AF does show her ugly face, hopefully it won't put too much of a downer on the party!!
You'll be the first person I contact if I get my BFP!!!
I hope AF stays FAR FAR away from both of us!!!

Girl!! Have you done any HPT's yet??? I have 6 from the dollar store sitting upstairs calling my name and begging me to pee on them!
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C- Oh Lord if I have ANY tests at home I pee on them, so I never buy them. Lol. I learned my lesson a long time ago.
I haven't taken a test yet, but today is CD30 & I called the nurse & she gave me the go ahead to take a HPT. So I am going to *try* to hold out until Monday, but I am probably going to buy a test tonight!

I am so jealous you get to watch the game Saturday. I hope you have a blast.

I really, really hope AF stays FAR away from us for at least 9 months!
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AA - I hope Alabama can come back in this game. It's THAT sad that I'm now on the internet on my phone AT THE GAME!

But only cause I wanted to tell you I got TWO BFP's this morning!!!

Girl... I just cried and cried... It's not faint, but it's light. I'm only 12DPO today, so hopefully it will get stronger.
I'm supposed to start my period today, cause my Luteal phase is only 12 days long.

BUT... I think I O'd a day later than FF says... so I might still start my period tomorrow...?

I'm still having cramps... or that tugging feeling.

We'll see what tomorrow morning brings!!

GIRL... please!!! Go buy those HPT's from the $$ store already! I only have two $ store tests left and one FRER left. So, I'm saving the FRER for Monday or Tuesday so I can get a nice dark line on it!

I really hope my BFP's get darker tomorrow and you get your BFP also!!

I'll be there in Alabama in April for A-day... so if we get our BFP's together we'll definatly have to do some tall shopping together!!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for both of us!!!
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Sorry, mama's don't mean to thread-crash, here, but I have conceived w and w/o Clomid and while at and above and even below target weight... so I hope what I have to offer could help:

CrimsonTide: (and everyone ttc!) I highly highly recommend the book, Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler. You said something about waiting for a positive OPK to dtd-- this is almost always TOO LATE! Most women get preg from bd days before O! Timing is everything! As soon as you have wet CM (even before EW, but wetter than creamy) you should dtd every other day until your temp shift c: blessings and I will think bfp thoughts for all of you

I am saying this in the most loving and supportive way possible bc I have btdt on ttc while overweight: I was always told that O often returns without drugs and that drugs like clomid work better (or at lower doses, thus less side effects) if I would drop even as little as 5-10# (I was around 80# over my goal) and keep it off , or keep losing slowly (not too quickly, as that can be detrimental to ttc) and I would get SO offended, so hurt. I thought the dr was trying to guilt me into meeting weight goals before they would help me! Then, I gave up ttc and just thru other lifestyle changes (not really trying to lose weight) I did lose a few # and did conceive w/o drugs. So, the dr had a point, and it did happen for me just as they said-- they were not trying to be ugly about my weight.

Side effects on clomid-- I was mood-swinging pretty high and low! I felt scared and threatened about my health for no good reason! I even thought I was having an allergic reaction to the clomid! Ach! (in my defense, I am allergic to most of the rx I have ever had, LOL)

Hoping for babies soon for you, mamas!
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