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Congrats Crimson!

Your last post didn't show up 'til I had made mine
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Crimson!!!! OMG I am so happy for you!!! Keep us posted
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Thanks everyone!!
We are SO excited! I think the clomid helped us time ovulation more than helped the follicles...? Princess let me know how things are going and when you're gonna take your first round!
Today is 14dpo for me and cd35. All my dollar store tests keep having the test line show up but its not as dark as I'd hoped for. So I took an FRER this morning and the line showed up nice and dark... and before the 3 minute time window...
So that made me feel 100% better!
Symptoms in the last two weeks have been sneezing (I mean all the time, I guess its cause I'm more sensitive to smells now), gas all the time, constipation, and hungry like its no bodys business! The past couple days I have finished my meal while my husband was only half finished with his.... he said Whoaaa cowgirl slow it down!! I said and I'm still hungry! But I'm gonna enjoy eating while I can because that morning sickness is gonna set in soon and I won't be eating anything.... if my husband comments again about me eating I'm gonna tell him to pipe it down... that this mama bear is getting ready for a 3 month hibernation and I won't be able to eat!
AA - how's it going girl!?!?
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Ah Crimson I'm so happy for you and your hubby! Well I started taking the soy isoflavones this month because my hubby still has to see the urologist at the end of the month but I just couldn't wait and do nothing. So for now I'm trying this and will see what happens this month plus I might have a change of insurance so we still have some things to work out. This was your first round on clomid right? Well I really am happy for you and I hope you enjoy every bit of it because you deserve it...
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Thanks Princess!

Yes, this was my first round of Clomid 50mg... I told my DH the other day, I think the Clomid helped the timing more than it helped the eggs! Eitherway, IT WORKED! We are so excited!

Last night we went out to eat, and my dinner came back up before we left...

I'll keep you posted on any other symptoms so you'll be the most prepared!!!

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I can't wait to throw everything up! lol So have you been to the doctor yet?
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Princess! Sorry I haven't posted in a while! This morning-noon-night sickness is killing me! No Doctor's appointment yet. My insurance went with my job I lost...

I'm frantically looking for another job but my husband only wants me working part time.

AA - how's it going??

Hopefully I can get to the doctor in a couple of weeks or so. I keep taking HPT's everyday... the lines keep getting darker and darker! I guess until I go to the doctor and they confirm it, I'll keep taking the HPT's to confirm my doubts! Tomorrow should start my 6th week of pregnancy. I have all the symptoms everything says I should. I can't even wear some of my pants already!

Good luck to you girls!!! I'm praying for you!
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Ah Crimson I'm sorry to hear that but I do hope you can get to a doctor soon. Thanks for the prayers and keep them coming girl cuz I sure need them and I am praying for you as well. Keep in touch and post some baby bump pictures lol I love looking at those.
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Hi Princess and everyone else out there!


Sorry it's been so long since I've posted! September turned out to be our lucky month! I almost immediately started with morning sickness... but all day long! I've been in a hard battle with it. I lost 4 pounds in 3 days due to vomitting. I went to the doctor at the end of October because of the sudden weight loss, and they did an ultrasound and it's TWINS!!! I just started crying I was so happy!

Since then, the stomach issues have continued, I just got out of the hospital. It's like I have to learn how to eat all over again! They did another ultrasound in the hospital and they are both healthy and fine. I go at the end of November for another ultrasound. Right now I'm 9 weeks and 2 days pregnant. They both have their own sacs and are both measuring the same length so they were fertilized on the same day.

If I ovulated on time (which I didn't) I would be further along. I'm glad we stuck with doing the OPK's until we got a positive. Those really helped and it helped to take the Clomid to get the timing down pat.

I know twins are a possibility with Clomid, but it's a small possibility. So I guess we're in the small percentage who gets pregnant with twins on Clomid. I only took one round of 50mg! Also, when I ovulated, I clearly ovulated from my left ovary. My ovary hurt all day and some of the next day, I could definately tell (physically, without the OPK's) that I was ovulating. The only weird thing is I didn't have one bit of implantation bleeding even with two eggs implanting???


Thank God we're pregnant with Twins and thank God they are healthy.


Good luck to everyone out there!

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Crimson - I know this is late, but I just wanted to say CONGRATS!!  And thank you for sharing your story.  I start my first round of Clomid tomorrow, and it gives me hope to read stories like yours.  Best of luck to you!!

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