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Career Fulfillment

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Hi Jamie,

Thank you for your response about my pregnancy... although I'm still struggling with a lot of anxiety, your response brought me comfort, and I really, really appreciate that.

My question today is of a totally different nature. Jason, my DP, feels very happy and fulfilled by the work he is doing now, and wants to pursue it to another level which I want to encourage. He wants to aquire the junk yard family business as the sole owner... do you see this happening and if so, how can we make it happen in the most successful way?

Thank you!
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Ugh! Sorry for the delay. I've had my own personal crisis this week. Moving through it though.

I also need to tell you that your question is really two. I get the relation of the two, but I have to be a stickler about this in fairness to everyone that posts; including myself.

I will answer the first question b/c I have a clear answer. The answer is Yes, he will acquire the family Junk Yard business. I'm not seeing difficulty in doing so.

If you decide to post the 2nd part as a separate question, I will need you to be a little more specific, what exactly are you wondering about in being successful?

Glad you two are on a great track now! It feels very positive to me and I'm glad you are happy together again and supporting one another!!
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