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Baby Nickname...

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So it took forever to decide on a name, and we barely even did that (well, within the hour after she was born), Natalie Elizabeth. Love the name, but we always planned on having a little nickname for it - either Lally or Tally. Funny enough, I fell in love with Lally b/c of Mothering magazine! The editor's daughter is names Lally! Most people find it weird, but for some reason it jumped out at me and I loved it. Most family and friends like Tally much better, and I like it, too...just really can't decide. Would love to hear some thoughts/opinions! Need to start calling her one or the other, or the kids will just call her baby forever!
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It's not really a nickname for/from us, but DP's nieces came up with it. From Fritz Edward they made Fredward and then Freddy as a nickname. Funny what kids come up with, no?
Our nicknames for him are Fritzi, Fritzilein and Fritz-Man.
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Our baby's nickname is Thor! Yeah! Thayer=Thor, close enough. I like it.
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I like Lally or Tally! Both are nice. It will probably come down to whatever sticks!

Konrad's nicknames around here are Rad, Bud-Bud, and Radek (Polish diminuitive). We also call him just Konrad a lot too. I love his name and we've gotten tons of compliments on it!
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I like both Lally and Tally as well! Sorry not much help. Do the kids find either one easier?

We have been calling Marlowe "munchkin".
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I love just plain Natalie. So classy.
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I wonder if people think I'm the nanny? I call him bebe, LOL

I like both Tally and Lally. Which one comes easier?
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I like Lally! Tally reminds me of "tally mark"...

Stella is Stellina most of the time. Many Brazilians add the "ina" to names for litte

She's also Stella Bella and Missy Moo (I have no idea where that came from!)
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Lally is super adorable. I love it. Tally is cute too.

Rebecka is bubbecks a lot, or reby, or bittle (which was lizzy's nickname) and sometimes bexy.
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I kind of like Tally, but spell it Tali. Just to avoid the whole tally mark thing. But really, either is great!

India doesn't have tons of NN's yet. We mostly call India Jan(almost pronounced like French Jean). It's a Dari suffix, which means 'dear'. Or baby girl. We planned on calling her Indi, but that hasn't stuck yet. Plus, I want her to be established as India before we introduce NN's...I kind of feel like we'd be wasting her pretty name!
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