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Pregnancy in Africa

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Hi All,

I'm an American ex-pat in Kenya for the next 9 months. My husband and I are considering TTC #1. We're really excited about it but we want to make sure we've thought of everything. We live on the coast, near Mombasa, so malaria is much less of a concern but I was wondering about the quality of pre-natal care in private Kenyan hospitals. I don't need anything fancy but I do want an ultrasound and decent screening.

Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. What haven't we considered? Any advice or cautions? So many people back home are against this plan but hundreds of Kenyan women give birth every day so it can't be that dangerous!!!

Thanks in advance,
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Well, I had most of my pregnancy in Tanzania. I was pretty far out and had to take the bus to Dar es Salaam to get an ultrasound and see a reputable doctor. Since you are close to Mombassa I think it will be a bit easier for you, and Kenya is a bit further along in some ways. I loved being pregnant in Africa as the culture accepts it as a very normal and healthy thing rather than an ailment. However, as I got closer to my due date the reality of living in the bush and having to take a bus for 8 hours to see a doctor started to worry me. My husband and I got the go-ahead to come to the states (he got a green card) and we decided to relocate. I ended up having complications in my birth and had to have a c-section despite my natural birth plan. I am not sure if I had stayed in TZ for the birth if things would have been okay without the c-section or if I would have had a real crisis. Overall, I loved being pregnant in Africa but am also glad we made the decision to return for the birth.
Good Luck, Kazi njema
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I agree with Mama.nesta: Kenya is often considered better medical care than Tanzania. The American Embassy would routinely send people to Nairobi for anything that required more serious medical care.

I wish I had more advice for you. I think sometimes it is necessary to step back and figure out WHY we are scared (or in your case, why are people back home so scared) and work from there to address specific concerns. Best of luck to you!

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I was in Iringa and met my husband there. We hope to return to Tanzania some day in the future but I do think I will have another child here in the states before I return. Love East Africa though..
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You can get excellent care in Nairobi

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