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Stretchy wool wrap?

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I'm trying to think of the easiest way to wear my baby in the winter since she can't wear a thick coat in the car seat and it's hard to fit those under a carrier anyways... Stretch wraps are so easy since they can be pre-tied and I can wear one under a big coat and just pop dd in and out. I especially want something quick because I live in the midwest and I'm not going to want to take my coat off and mess with trying to use a woven wrap in a parking lot during a blizzard or even taking off my coat to put a ssc carrier on... it gets pretty cold and windy here.

The wrap I have now is thin bamboo for the warm weather, but I have some awesome wool interlock that I've been using for diaper covers and I'm wondering if I should try buying 5 yards and using that as a winter wrap. I've heard gypsy mama used to make wool stretch wraps as well and may make them again in the future (I think theirs were 100% wool jersey).

Have you tried one? you think it would work?
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I would get a swatch of fabric first, to make sure it will have the right amount of give.
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I don't know about the wool wrap but I did find a carry that I can use with a woven wrap and put it on ahead of time and pop her in and out.
Here is the video I got it from
maybe that would help for the winter.
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Mom2M- Thanks! Does that feel secure to you?

ABO Mama- I have some wool from here: http://www.naturesfabrics.com/wool-fabrics.html, trying to decide if it is worth the $ for 5 yards for a wrap...
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Yes, it really is secure. I can adjust it fairly easily too, I put her in and went into the store and she felt like she was hanging down a little too much so I undid the knot and just bounced her up and re tied very easily.
I think it feels like her weight is less distributed over my body but not uncomfortable. I only use it for shorter trips like in the store. If I wear her longer, I use the regular front cross carry.
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oh, I just found this and it looks very cool, I can't wait till DD is awake to try it!

Go to post # 6 for the basic instructions but if you scroll down a bit to #28, another Mama did it with a slipknot and could then pop in and out!

You could do a slip knot with the other carry too and make it even easier to adjust!
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