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I think I broke a dental filling :(

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Yesterday DH and DS and I stopped for lunch in this locally owned family restaurant we'd never tried before. I ordered a sandwich with bacon on it and after only a few bites, heard this awful, loud *CRUNCH* when I bit down on a piece of bacon. I stopped eating and went to the restroom to check it out but didn't immediately find anything amiss.

Hours later after we got home, my lower jaw on that side started to ache a little, and after further exploration one of my back molars feels a little rougher than normal on a side that I'm pretty sure has (had?) a filling in it.

The filling was a composite (mercury-free) one, thank goodness! But the rough patch/hole feels kind of big and I'm a little horrified that I might have broken some tooth off with the composite.

I'm a total dentalphobe because of a very sadistic dentist I had as a child, who used to drill unnecessarily and without any kind of anesthetic and had his assistants hold me down while I screamed and cried.

But regardless, I know that ignoring dental problems will only lead to worse things, so I found a local dentist who specializes in gentle and sedated dentistry and made an appointment for first thing tomorrow morning. We just moved to the area and I was going to go in for a checkup and cleaning after the baby was born, but I guess I can't put it off any longer.

I'm sooooo nervous right now--a total wreck. I know they can't give me any sedatives and if they do have to replace the filling or worse, drill the tooth and give me a crown or something, they can only use less effective local anesthetics that don't last as long or work as well. I'm completely freaking out even though I know, intellectually, that replacing a filling is really no big deal. But that hasn't stopped me from reading about root canals and extractions and even dentures all morning! It's like if I freak myself out enough the reality of what happens tomorrow won't be so bad.

Anyway, I just needed to vent. I'm 36 weeks pregnant in two days and am really not looking forward to getting my tooth (teeth?) worked on at this point in the pregnancy, but it seems I don't have much choice. I know I'm an awful chicken about dentistry in general so this probably all sounds very silly, but it feels extremely real to me. Please send me good happy pain-free vibes if you're into that sort of thing.

And if you have any advice for how to make tomorrow's dental appointment more bearable, I'm all...eyes.
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As a veteran of dental procedures and having had a terrible childhood dentist, I totally understand where you are coming from. I used to take a Valium to get my teeth cleaned.

I had to have a filling about 18 weeks into this PG. Not fun, but not terrible. IF you have to have a filling, they will use a different kind of Novocain that takes a bit longer but still worked fine for me. Remember, at this point you don't know anything. It could be nothing, it could be 'we'll wait until after Bebe is born.'

Since this is the first time seeing this dentist, be very upfront about how nervous you are and your history of terrible dentists. They aren't going to think you are silly or overreacting, just someone who needs extra time and care. Certainly take your MP3 player (I listened to my HypnoBabies affirmations during my filling) and a pillow or blanket so you can be as comfy as possible.

HTH, good luck tomorrow!
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Oh ouch Good luck!
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Thanks for your support, mamas! It turns out I did indeed crack a filling and chipped the molar so that there was a rough edge sticking out. The dentist kindly polished off the rough spot and told me to come back after the baby is born to replace the filling. There was no decay that he could see and it shouldn't be a huge, horrible deal to fix. Since he specializes in sedation dentistry and dental phobia, he was totally cool about what a chicken I was being and promised that if it would make me more comfortable, he can prescribe me a mild sedative to take before the next appointment.

What a relief! Some quick polishing and I was out of there. Plus I was able to schedule a first-time visit for my toddler, who I think will really like this place and how gentle and family-friendly it is. Yay!

Thanks again.
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I have 2 broken fillings, both are huge gaping holes in rear molars. One of them has been broken for over 2 years, one of them broke this pregnancy. I clean them out after meals with a waterpik and they don't give me problems.

I'm a dentalphobe only because I think they're all crooks! Worse than car mechanics!!!

Anyway, it shouldn't be a problem to wait until the baby is born- if your gums get sore you can use cloves to ease the pain. Just put a whole clove between your gums and your cheek and wait for it to soften up a little bit, then give it a chew- releases lots of anesthetic and antibiotic juices.
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