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Son-in-utero was conceived uh, the second month now-DH and I were having fun. I had been infertile for years, in two prior relationships so I told now-DH there was no way in heck he could knock me up. Oops. Did I mention I was about to turn 36 when he managed to knock me up?!

He makes jokes now that he can get a woman pregnant merely by walking past them. :
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My first was unplanned BCP accident.
My second was first month trying.
My 3rd was 3rd month trying.
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my first came out holding 2 packs of birth control pills!!! (that's right 2 months and a week to be exact (i was 9 1/2 weeks pregnant when i found out i was pregnant) and i was freaked the entire time...but she's about to be 7 and perfect as can be!!!)

this one took a little longer as i developed PCOS after DD and it took us 30 months to concieve this one!!!
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My first 4 were all conceived first month trying. Then I wanted a baby in my 40's - 8 years after the last one, had a vasectomy reversal and ttc for 7 months. It is hard ttc when it was so easy all the other times! Now ttc again, up to my 5th month.
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Hey Gumblossom,
i wanted to comment on what you said. For me, my first two were conceived so easily. I dont even remember the bfp. I hadly remember the tww. I knew nothing about ttc, had never read TCOF, etc etc. I just remember being pregnant like it was yesterday.
Now it seems like that will never happen. One bfn after another, and its hard to believe. its like-what the hell is happening, wheres my bfp already?!! Whats that stupid white line doing there, that cant be right! Its hard to believe that so recently i could get pregnant, and now it eludes me....i think that is one of the hardest things for me to deal with right now...but im still cautiously optimistic.
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With Ds1 we had just started to talk about if we wanted to try to get pregnant when we found out that we already were!

Ds2 We tried for 3 months till I was told not get pg for another 3 months after having an infection & then ended up getting pregnant from one slip-up in the second month 6 days before o
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I did... Since then, nothing but unexplained secondary infertility.
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I was able to get pregnant the first try. Interesting though, despite many close calls before officially starting we were never successful. For example, I think we dtd 2 days before ovulation 5 times and nothing. Then came along the cycle we were supposed to start TTC and presto: We got pg (dtd the day before ovulation only).

We're getting ready to start TTC again with my next cycle and I'm hoping for similar success although I'm still nursing and have a less than optimal LP so we shall see.
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DD1 took about 6-8 cycles to conceive (depending on what you count as "trying") and DD2 - DH pretty much sneezed in another room and I got PG. We were in the "What do you think about trying for No. 2?" "I'm ready, you?" Yeah, sure, why not, it took 'forever' with DD1" discussions and those turned out to be a moot conversation as I was already PG.
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Originally Posted by seafox View Post
we conceived first month 'trying' - it was my second month off BCP though. (the first month DH was out of town in the middle of the month!)

I m/c that pregnancy though.

the second time, it was the third cycle after the m/c, so the second month 'trying' (they said not to try the first cycle)

and if I am pregnant right now, that also will be the first cycle trying, which would be pretty crazy.

I guess it was good that I was pretty careful with birth control all those years
so now verifying, 2x pregnant first month trying, 1x pregnant the second month trying (though post m/c) I'm pretty surprised given that this was all in my 30's. And right now I am nursing a 15-mos old a TON. I figured this time would take a while, maybe even until weaning. So that was a bit of a shock.

its weird, I have let's see, 5 FF charts, and 3 are pregnancies! So I still don't have much of a baseline for 'normal' temp-wise, since the 2 non-pregnancy ones are right after a m/c.
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Our first was a very unplanned 3rd month we were together baby.
#2 took 2 years of ttc
#3 took 18 months of ttc
#4 was thanks to my insurance company not covering the nuvaring anymore and me being crazy with moving and not getting to the doctor to prescribe something else and then to the pharmacy to pick it up. And after a sum of 3 1/2 years of ttc, what would 1 month off bc matter? ha!

If I get pregnant anytime in the next 5 years, it will be an IUD baby.
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I got pregnant the first time we tried but had an early miscarriage. Got another BFP a month following the miscarriage which resulted in my 2.5 yo dd.

Trying for #2 now, and frustrated that I'm not pregnant yet, even though it hasn't been that long. Worried about secondary infertility since the first was so easy.
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The first time we tried with ds (#2) we got preggers
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I got pregnant the first month with my first two. I got pregnant the second month of trying for #3 but miscarried. I am on month 9 of trying to conceive and no luck yet. It's been really hard since the first 2 were so easy!
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I think I am just being impatient. With DS we were more relaxed because I was in my twenties and whatever happeneds, happeneds! It happened the 3rd month trying! I am into my 30's right now and I really want another baby so much!
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Yup, I got pregnant on the first try both times. Hopefully it will be as easy with #3, but I'm nursing so who knows.
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Well, we weren't trying with DS. We went on vacation to Disney World. He was a surprise souvenier. Go figure. I wish it were that easy with TTC#2!
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both my planned babies (number 2 and 3) were first month. My 4th was before a PP cycle and with barrier birth control. My 1st I was just careless...
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It took us 10 months TTC DD1, but with DD2, I caught just 4 days after I went off bc. So I guess I'm the reverse of the majority.
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