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What did you do?

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What did you do with your old shampoos, conditioners, body wash lathers, hair products, body lotions, etc. when you decided to go more natural?
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I gave them to my parents. They are becoming more aware of the negative effects of chemicals in their body products but they still buy everything from the dollar store But they took it all and used it all up.
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I'm using them up while I upgrade. Some things I mix old with new until old is gone.

I am pickier with the items that stay on the body versus the items that get washed off immediately.
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Body wash, Body lotions can both be used on the skin instead of shaving cream.

They don´t stay long on the skin, so that is how I used all up.

Creams I did not like for their scent I put on my feet every night.
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Originally Posted by larablue View Post
Creams I did not like for their scent I put on my feet every night.
I like this idea.
Do you put cream on your feet every night as a part of your natural routine all through the year?
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I try to put cream on my feet regularly.

But when my feet after a few weeks are nice and soft, I tend to forget it one time, than slowly I leave it more often until my feet one night feel ugly and scratchy (usually about two weeks after stopping the creams) and I try again.

What I also like is massaging my feet after doing the nails in front of the tv.. and almost any lotion for face or body will do.
If a lotion is too light, you can always add some oil from the kitchen (olive oil, sunflower..).
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Thanks for the information.
I very recently started creaming my feet at night too and I love how soft it keeps my feet. I am on my feet a lot most of the day and love to play tennis so it is difficult keeping them callus free, even though I use silk like soap and a very hard scrubber in the shower daily.
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ummmm all the unopened and mostly full bottles sat on my counter for 2 months waiting for me call the women's shelter to see if they wanted any of the very nice but conventional products. eventually, I couldn't take the clutter any more (at 2 am), and trashed it all. sanity over eco-friendliness.
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I combined the conditioner with water, put it in a spray bottle and started using it in place of dryer sheets. Just spray on a wet washcloth and dry your clothes like normal.
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With a few things like toothpaste and soap (not like really chemically and perfumed soap, just stuff like Dove), we used it up. There was a point though where I threw away all of the icky lotions and bath wash that people had given me as gifts and whatnot over the years. I was really hesitant to do this--I am VERY careful about what I toss in the landfill, but my logic was that if I used them, or dumped them and recycled the bottles, the contents of them would end up the drinking water and the ocean! These kind of products have a really negative impact on aquatic ecosystems.
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All the shampoo and soap liquids became the household cleaner I use for cleaning toilets and other smelly places. The thicker ones like lotion and conditioner were given away, and bar soap I "melted" down and used as household cleaners too.
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I am using up the products and switching when I need more of that item. Some things like lotion and hair conditioner, I am repurposing them into shaving cream/lotion, shampoo is being used as hand soap, and other uses.
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