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Anti Aging Skin Care

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Anyone have any recs for an anti-aging cream? I need something for sensitive skin that runs a bit dry.

I was looking at Olay stuff, but want something a bit less packed with chemicals.


I have okay skin and want to keep it that way. Currently I do nothing except acne gel and sunscreen. I feel like I need something more.

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I make a super anti aging cream-lotion. Lightweight and feels great. Plus I frequently get mistaken for a student where I teach (and my DS1 is graduating this year...)

12 oz aloe gel (nothing else in the gel-- not the green kind w alcohol-- read labels, )
1-2 oz apricot kernel oil OR avacodo oil (depends how rich you want it)
3 vitamin E caps-- puncture and squeeze in
essential oil of choice *optional* rosemarry or lavender smell great and are nice to your skin. About 20 drops is enough for me (don't use more than 30 or so drops for lotion to be used around eyes... this does great as an eye cream)

Put all in a bowl and blend on high with whip or wisk attachment until very light and creamy (at least 3 minutes or it'll separate later).

I pour mine back into the aloe bottle for storage. Enjoy!

OH! and a little blob of aloe gel w a few drops of tea tree oil mixed in your palm quick, makes a GREAT acne gel.


AND.. for a non chem sunscreen (note-- this is NOT sunblock, just a light sunscreen) Use recipe above, but replace apricot or avacado oil with ONE oz sesame oil (-- for some reason it's richer, and you only need 1 oz). The sesame has mild sunscreen properties (but I wouldn't trust it to say go all day in the 110 degrees in the shade blazing sun with no hat for example). It's all I use, and I have very fair pink skin that burns readily without protection. another note-- the sunscreen is not as hrm, anti-aging as apricot... except for preventing the aging due to sun damage-- choose your battles, I say.
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I like Badger Balm's Evolving Oil.
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Thanks mum4vr! I make my own eye "cream" (oil blend) and when I run out of commercially made face lotion, I want to make my own. Your recipe sounds great.
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I LOVE Dr. Weils products sold at Orgins. Its amazing and very very natural. The company is very green and i cant say enough great things about the entire line. I was using olay products then some cliniqe and then discoverd the little green bottles of goodness.
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