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Laurel County/Corbin Playgroups?

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Hi all, my sister is looking for a playgroup in her area (my hometown). Are there any existing? If not is anyone interested in starting one? She has an 18 month old boy.

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Well, my kids are quite a bit older than your sister's son... 6yo DS and 3yo DD and I also have one on the way. But I'm in the area, and just so happen to be bored out of my mind. *haha* We just moved here(my husband grew up here in Corbin) and I don't know anyone other than his immediate family. I am a stay at home mom, "crunchy", and I unschool/homeschool my kids... I am one of what feels like a VERY SMALL minority in the area. If she is looking for someone to hang out with who has kids, then I am so a candidate. Both of my kids play well with smaller children. Hopefully some more mamas will jump in here too!
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