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rabbitmama~ i read your birth story last night and remembered that i had in fact read your story many times. it is SO beautiful!!! i thought that was you that i remembered reading. i'm so glad you posted updated pics! they're beautiful!!! how can you tell them apart? does one or the other have a distinguishing feature?
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so when you give birth to the second, it's just as bad as the first?! or a little easier, generally speaking- i know everyone's different. i always thought the first would stretch you out a little or pave the way for the second.
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I've found that even though I only have 4 right now, they do tend to want to be together more. The olders ones love helping with the baby. And same for when its stay up late night. My oldest will ask if the next oldest can stay up too. And vice versa. I love large families for this very reason. There isn't so much selfishness going around. You still have your moments of that toy is mine or its my turn, but the general vibe is family. And hubby and I also are the same way. We typically don't go anywhere when invited if its not kid friendly. We go as a family. His command picnics, he won't go unless he gets to come home and get us. Even my baby shower is kid friendly. We are having it a park so everyone can come. Husbands included. We're BBQ'ing for it. Not sure how many more kids we are going to have, if any more. I want more. But we are definitely needing a break.
That sucks about your milk drying up. I haven't made it past the 6 month mark for one reason or another.
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i think that's awesome about big families not being so selfish, and i agree. i think something happens when you go from 2 to 3... one always has to wait their turn, instead of having only 1 or 2 children, where their needs are met immediately, because there is noone else waiting, yk? i love that my children are learning that the world does not revolve around them. (don't get me wrong, i love them and try to put them all first when i can, but they are not the most important person in the whole wide world, they have a brother and/or sisters that are just as important.) i hope i make sense. i've seen a lot of families that have 1 or 2 children that the parents jump for everything, and the kids come to "expect" it at all times, which makes them difficult people to be around. (this is a generalization, there are a lot of lovely children that are onlies or have only one sibling). anyway, i do love the big family mentality. just my opinion.
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The 1st one definitely paves the way for the next one. In mycase though, the 2nd one was posterior.
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I love to hear about UCing twins. UC rocks!
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With my 1st twin birth since they were delivered by an OB....a great one that we FINALLY found that would deliver them with B breech.....it wasn't really like experiencing the actual twin part of birth with pushing both babies out. Since he had no prenatal history on me he didn't want to risk a good thing so after I pushed A out vertex he waited a few minutes. After about 4 minutes when I wasn't contracting again yet and B had gone way up high and transverse at that point he just reached in and grabbed him by the feet and pulled him out breech. So, there was not really any "delivering" to him on my part. The reaching in and pulling him down was more than a bit uncomfortable but as for the ring of fire and what it would be to actually deliver two babies...I kind of missed that part. Thus the question about the whole ring of fire twice and stuff. I'm hoping since these are both vertex that B will just fall right down into A's vacated space and come right on out only a few minutes after A's arrival.

And everything we do is family oriented. We even grocery shop together as a family. People are still stunned we take all 8 but it's a pain in the butt to get a babysitter and funds are rarely there for babysitters anyway. I figure it's just good training experience and it is a constnt teaching/learning experience of how to behave in public, what is expected of them and so on. I also really believe children should be mature in their youth so it's a great experience in learning to deal with the general public, both the positive and negative opinions voiced about the family size, how to address other adults respectfully, manners, etc.

And mamarabbit....love the 3 yr pic of your girls!!! They are so cute!
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what do you mean by "i believe that children should be mature in their youth."
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Originally Posted by jee'smom View Post
what do you mean by "i believe that children should be mature in their youth."
Oh...definitely nothing like stripping their childhood away from them. LOL! Just basically what I stated above. Well behaved and well spoken. "That they know how to deal with the general public, both the positive and negative opinions voiced about the family size and how to address the comments, how to address other adults respectfully, manners, etc." I know that we peronally know a ton of homeschoolers...more specifically girls...that are raised to be this idealistic, babyfied, innocent, naive little thing. It is common to hear other homeschooling girls calling their moms "mommy" at the age of 17 and 18 and even 20. It just grates on my nerves. It's like they think it's this innocent, virginic, sexy type of naivety...and, honestly, I can't think of anyone in the professional world that will take a person seriously who still continues to call her mom "mommy". Do you really go into an interview or serve on a mission board or pratice as an RN and convince people you are capable when you are still tied to your mama's apron strings and calling home for mommy??? To me, it's about maturity and presenting yourself capable of the job at hand. Since I was very very sheltered and homeschooled from 3rd to 12th grade it hits close to home. I hit the world and didn't have a clue and got into a ton of trouble because of it. I was easily swayed and ended up living with a convict because I had no knowledge of anything other than a sheltered life where evil did not exist. I do not ever wish to throw my children out to the wolves so believe in thoroughly educating them but still protecting their hearts. I was never truly educated. One of those things where if you don't see it it's not really there. So, it's important for both dh and I to instill in them character and teach wisdom and discernment even in their youth. Since we homeschool we start the morning with Bible and teach a lot of Proverbs for Children curriculum based stuff...basically of just learning to be wise and alot of life principles. I don't put up with a lot of silliness either..mainly because it just drives me nuts. They can laugh and tease and have a good time but just don't be babyfied and silly about it....more specifically, don't act like you're 3 when you're really 7 or 10. And I see alot of kids today just out of control and parents just throwing their hands up with the whole "the kid's gonna be a kid" thing. So many children don't know how to relate to adults or act appropriately around them....because they are only exposed to peers their age or never really taught. We teach yes ma'am and yes sir, no ma'am and no sir, they hold open doors for others..or well....the little ones are getting there!!....and are not afraid to address adults. And we don't do everything for them. Our 12 yr old wanted a 5 ft snake he killed skinned but in order to do it he had 24 hrs to have it out of the freezer...I don't do snakes in the kitchen freezer!!...and he had to be the one to make the neccessary phone calls to deal with it. So, he did, made all of his own phone calls, found the best price and now proudly has a 5 ft snake skin hanging on the bedroom wall...along with an apprenticeship under the man who helped him do it. Pretty amazing! We're also very involved politically as a family. I think they just need to know this stuff and how life works...what makes the world go around...and how to deal with it all and do their part.

Not that we ever even begin to have it altogether or know what we're doing but at least the goal is to raise educated, happy, well spoken children that are well behaved and can exercise wisdom and discernment even in their youth and the choices that are made from a young age. Basically....just what every parent wants for their children.
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Well, can't say I read every word in this thread, as I'm pretty tired, but just wanted to say that I'm planning UC with my twins. They will be my first babies.
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Originally Posted by jee'smom View Post
that sounds so wonderful!!! i can't wait to read your birth story! it's funny how it's such a natural progression... with my first and second i had hospital births with ob's, with my third, hospital midwife birth in a progressive hospital. if i would ever get pg again (thought i was this month, but i'm not), i want to do a homebirth with a midwife, although i feel totally confident if the midwife doesn't show up.

i was wondering something. i'm so impressed by big families, i feel that you are so blessed... and was wondering when you got your cycles back after your births. i see your kids are so close in age; i didn't get my cycles back until between 15-18 mo postpartum, with extended nursing. i'm so amazed over women who nurse and still get pg before their nursling is 1 yo. (i'm sorry if you do not nurse or extended nurse and i'm assuming that you do.) so i was wondering how long you nurse and how often, to get pg so fast.

truly i do not mean anything bad about this, i'm just so curious about women getting pg so fast. i had a bit of a hard time getting pg with #1. #2 and #3 were faster/easier after getting ppaf back, which took over a year.

good luck honey... you're amazing!!!
For what it's worth, I got my cycle back at 5 mo. pp while nursing exclusively. Didn't get pg until 18 mo. but definitely could have earlier! (Currently 8 wks! )
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We are told we are brave for going for #5! IDK I think having the first is brave really!
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