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.....my breast are gonna burst! im really tired today so i went for a sleep and i woke up and BAM they're engorged and leaking, all lumpy and hard. is it a wise move to express? i don't wanna kick off labour if my body isnt ready etc and i've not pumped/fed for years so it seems a bit weird. but it's HURTING

sorry for tmi etc but yeah HELP im gonna go bang
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shower? cool or warm compress? rub them?

my DD is nursing still and still no labor for me, so I wouldn't think some hand expressing would hurt you, plus you're far enough along that labor now isn't a problem eh?
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i'm just paranoid about using any forms of labour-inducer i guess because i'd hate a false-start haha

but yeah, i gotta do something, major case of hot bullet boobs, didnt get this till after DS was born, it's a bit weird tbh lol
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Pumping enough to relieve engorgement shouldn't kick you into labor.
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thank you mamas i guess i just woke up still sleepy headed and have had one of those "pregnancy freak outs" cuz my chest is on fire, needed some sorta reassurance that it's ok to pump...and i can't phone up DH and talk to him cuz he'd laugh lol
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We're equally far along, and I'm still nursing.

I have TONS of contractions, but NONE of them is related to nursing!

So I say go pump or hand express!
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Hot shower & some hand expressions should do the trick.
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