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With my dd we had a snowsuit type of thing, but it was very fitted so I don't think that the staps were an issue. We also had a carseat cover. If the new babe-due the same time of year-is a girl she'll use the snowsuit as well. If not we have a sleep sac with holes for the carseat to be attached through it somehow (I'm not sure how to explain it). We'll be trying it out before going on the road with it. And of course, hats, warm sleepers, and blankets help a lot.
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As a Child Passenger Safety Tech, I want know that a "bundle-me" type product when used with a car seat is considered an aftermarket product, and anything that impedes the straps from tightening is illegal (not to mention unsafe). The Bundle-Me does seem to work nicely -- for strollers. But in car seats, it seems to affect the straps and the buckling and I will not use it.

From a Canadian tech:

The preferred and safe method for keeping baby warm in the car is to dress baby in normal clothes, with the addition of a thin sweater in the bitter cold, then buckle baby and tighten harness, and place blankets over top of baby and follow up with a shower-cap style cover. The shower cap covers have elastic around the edges and go over top of the seat - basically trapping the heat in, but do not touch the straps in any ways.


ETA: As an aftermarket product, the use of one VOIDS any car seat's warranty and releases the car seat manufacture from any liability should you get into a crash.

ETA2: Here are two safer options for keeping babies warm in a cold car: Car Seat Poncho, or shower-cap type cover.
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Originally Posted by Dichotomy View Post
So am I right in understanding that if I do get one of those Bundle Me cover things, there would be no other layers of blankets needed between the cover and the baby as long as she were dressed warmly? (ie undershirt, socks, footed winter outfit, possibly a thin fleece suit over that)
Honestly, because I run so col (hypothyroidism) and my first son is such a sweaty furnace, I would dress him in one LESS layer than I was wearing. I had people running up to me and telling me to put more clothes on him and the child was sweating at the time!

I just put a cap on his head and check his skin temp under his clothes (which he was not particularly fond of since my hands are always cold).

Watch, this one is going to run cold and I will have to dress him in 10 layers or something
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I thought the shower cap covers were bad but it looks like I was wrong according to the thread on them in Family Safety. I still think I will take it off while driving to prevent the baby from over heating.

I made a hat, booties and bib overall set out of felted wool so it's nice and thin.

I plan to use a wrap pre tied under my coat just like I did w/ DD. Worked great!
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can share my experience with a Feb baby in Interior AK...the land of -50 or colder at times!

We did use one of those covers that went over the seat but not under the straps...but not consistently...I liked it better when I could see her more.

I dressed her in a long sleeved/legged onesie, a warm sleeper, padraig booties and a wool toque (pilot cap) with a fleece suit over top. Everything was fairly snug fitting so I don't think there was a concern with any ejection...but I could be wrong. Then I used two blankets, a wool and a quilt to cover her up once in the seat. I didn't ever carry the seat anywhere and left it buckled into the car at all times. I took her out and put her in a sling/wrap each time we left the car, under my parka. More often than not she was hot and needed less layers...but never cold. I always felt like a sheepskin under her in the seat would be great, but read in a few places that it wasn't considered safe.
All this said, if it was 40below or more...we tended to just stay home by the woodstove!

With this one, we are in Canada, so it's still cold, but not that cold. We will be using a convertable seat and won't again take it out...but I'm happy always to warm up the car and then put baby into the car with something similar to this set up above. Just need to find a good babywearing parka for our climate here...the one I had for Alaska is certainly too overkill for here!
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Another CPST (child passenger safety technician) here. I just went to my continuing education classes on Thursday, and they again stressed that even here in Alaska nothing should be added to the seat that goes behind the straps-the Bundle Me was on the slide specifically because it is such a common product. They do interfere with the straps but there is no regulations or safety testing requirements for them, so they can put whatever they want on the packaging. So basically you are assuming all the risk for them if you choose to use them and there have been instances of babies being ejected from car seats from straps being too loose using snowsuits and bunting type products.

Personally, for my last baby I used a shower cap type that had a zipper up the front to make it easy to get to the baby. I'm with the previous poster about having warm babies as all my kids have been too hot if they had more than a light blanket over them in the car since I was keeping the temperature at a comfortable level for me. My plans for this one are convertible seat that stays in a garage that we keep at 35F (not attached), so I will use a wrap and keep her under my coat to the car. She'll wear wool longies, thin jacket and hat. If she's different from my last three and is cold then I will consider a infant seat and shower cap type cover, but I'm hoping to save the money since my babies tend to be large grow fast.
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After reading all this at the Bundle Me, I ordered one of these to use this time. It from the same maker of the Bundle me but it just goes over the top and not behind the straps (shower cap style). I also liked that I can almost completely unzip the top to keep the baby from overheating.
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Does anyone know of brand names for the shower cap style covers? Im having difficulty finding any.
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Originally Posted by Dichotomy View Post
Does anyone know of brand names for the shower cap style covers? Im having difficulty finding any.
Target and Amazon carry Cozy World covers.
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I have a Kiddopotamus one for my last baby and I see they still have it listed on Amazon, but not through them.
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