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I went to a Mabon festival last weekend and I got the "about ready to pop" comment around a dozen times. I stopped smiling back around time number 6. That is one of the phrases I HATE, HATE, HATE.

This weekend we went to a pumpkin farm and everybody had to commiserate with me about how miserable I must feel because of the heat. I honestly don't know what to say to that since I'm miserable in the heat when I'm NOT pregnant. :

Mostly I just have no interest in talking about my pregnancy/body/baby with complete strangers. If they're nice, though, I try to be nice even if I've had the exact same conversation half a dozen times already that day.
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I get sort of the opposite comments, but they make me feel bad!

"You don't look uncomfortable yet - you must not be ready to have that baby, because you don't look like you're ready to crawl in a hole." -- so we're expected to look like crap before we can go into labor???

"Oh, you probably haven't had x, y, or z issue because you've gained so little weight!" Um...I've gained 42lbs! I'm not worried about it, but I always feel like I somehow make my pregnant friends (there are several of us all expecting right now) feel bad - I just carry weight "well" because I have a crazy long torso!

And I've had SPD/PGP and been on restricted activity/bedrest for the last 7 or so weeks. I've had my "fair" share of misery, but I'm in so much less pain and my activity is restricted SO MUCH less than with my first pregnancy that I'm finding it difficult to be miserable or super anxious for labor.

Plus this is my last pregnancy - I'm grateful that it wasn't as miserable as the first, and I know how much I missed the kicked and rolls after DS was born!
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Random individual....."Wow, you're not going to go into labor here are you?"

Me, look down at my belly then back at said individual. "If I do will you catch her for me?"

They think it's a funny joke but not so much if I reply with that one
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I just got the "You look like you're about to pop!" comment yesterday. Really not funny.

Earlier in the week, a mom who just had a baby a few weeks back told me, "you look great" which was sooooo nice to hear.
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The cutest thing I've been asked was by one of my kindergarteners. . . "why'd you eat the baby?"

I hate the "you're about to pop" comment. "Just looking at you makes me uncomfortable", "are you having twins". Seriously. People just need to STFU.
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70+ year old lady at work gave me the best one ever last pregnancy...said in her best southern drawl:

"oh honey, you're just as fat as you can be, aren't ya?"

Seriously if she weren't pushing 80 and didn't have that sweet southern drawl, there'd have been an offer to go out to the parking lot after work...LOL
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"I may be fat but I can always lose the weight. You're not getting any younger though, eh?"

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