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large lump in abdomen?!

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K I don't know what's going on. I don't know if it's a concern or not. But I feel a large semi hard lump just above my pelvic bone. It feels a lot like the uterus... but I'm not nearly far enough along for that am I? (5 weeks) Even though it's my second baby, it shouldn't be that big yet, right? Sometimes I think it feels like it's slightly to the right. Which makes me think maybe an ovarian cyst or something. Is it possible that the uterus is pushing up on my bowel and that's what I'm feeling?
I mean. At first I could only feel it if I leaned forward, today I can even feel it just sitting here!
I'm a little freaked out. Help!
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I'm noticing the exact same thing already! I can't see it, but I can definitely feel the firmness of it. I don't remember feeling this so early in past pregnancies, but maybe I've just forgotten. I can usually "see" a little hump pop up around 10-12 weeks, but I don't remember how early I could "feel" it.
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With baby #1 I didn't feel it like like 11 weeks also. I know it's normal to feel it earlier with the second. But not this early. THe uterus is barely larger at all... so freaky.
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It's just intestinal bloating. Your uterus doesn't have enough swelling to lift out of your pelvic cavity until closer to the end of the first trimester. If you're extremely skinny and have a retroverted uterus you might notice it earlier though.
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I hope you're right. I don't want to spend my holidays at the doc. I am pretty thin. But I don't have a retroverted uterus. I thought that would make it harder to feel anyways? Cuz then it tips back?
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ddcc - wait until you REALLLY need to pee and feel - how high is it, how firm etc. etc. Then pee and feel again. If it dropped lower and/or is harder to feel then it is your uterus.

I could palpate my uterus at 6weeks (my GP confirmed it WAS my uterus), and it wasn't twins. Welcome to the world of multipara-ness Wait until you see how big you get at the end!
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See, that's kinda what I've been thinking. Some people's uterus doesn't shrink all the way back down after their first. So maybe it doesn't take much for me to be able to feel it with the second. I did notice that it was easiest to feel this morning when I had to pee.

I'm scared to think how big I'll be at 40 weeks. lol.
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Same here. I can feel it the most first thing in the am. I can still feel it after using the bathroom but it's not so pronounced and sits a little lower. The smooth roundness of it is what makes me think it's the uterus. Bloating is more of an all over swelling and not so firm feeling.
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Yea thats what I thought too. It's like there's a little nectarine in there or something. lol
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maybe TMI (and yes, i'm still hanging around here for no reason), but when i was pregnant with my son, i noticed that my uterus was easier to feel following an orgasm. i don't think my other guts do the same thing at all, so that might be another way for you to distinguish. =D
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No it's true, after orgasm it'll get high and tight. My mom used to say it was way easier to feel early on after DTD, too.

One more note: other than being multiparas, your uterus may end up not shrinking down all the way if you've had 1 or more cesareans. Scar tissue definitely adds some bulk. THAT ALL SAID... it takes about 7-9 weeks for baby to grow big enough for even the smallest amount of swelling.

I'm definitely looking bigger around the middle, but I'm pretty sure it's just bloat so far... I did have a cesarean, so there's the scar tissue, and I've got a very high uterus placement due to a weird pelvis (very very tiny) from the dwarfism. The ultrasound people used to say it was in a weird spot. Maybe that's what has always contributed to my showing so early??
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Thank you girls! Since finding out I was pregnant I hadn't had sex or the big O (feared it would cause bleeding). But I decided to try it and it does seemed to have made the lump harder and more noticable. I remember the same happened with DS and I can't believe I didn't think to try this on my own. Duh.
But now I'm really starting to think it's my uterus.

Lilteapot I didn't have any Csections. But it IS possible for it to remain larger than normal after vaginal birth, right? I'm thinking that's what's happening to me. Otherwise I've got like 6 beans in there. lol.
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It's not impossible, but it's incredibly unlikely. Bloating at this stage is very common, and often causes a little bump (that's why many women find they briefly "Shrink" when they hit the 2nd trimester... the bloat goes away!), but it's pretty much a zilch-zip-nada chance that what you're seeing is your giant, swollen uterus popping out of your pelvis at six weeks pregnant. Sorry! Even when I got pregnant at six weeks postpartum from a cesarean my fundus was not palpable until 11-12 weeks.
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But I'm not SEEING anything. I'm feeling a lump... Like.. a hard little tenis ball just peeking out above my pubic bone.
My belly looks fairly normal. I don't look pregnant.
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Some more on this topic:

"When the height of the uterus is just palpable, you are at 12 weeks." : http://www.gynaeonline.com/2nd_trimester.htm

Pregnancy @ 11 weeks, "Your uterus may be palpable, or able to be felt, above your pubic bone." : http://www.essentialbaby.com.au/week...y-week-11.html

"Your uterus is just starting to peek over your pelvic bone at twelve weeks. You should be able to feel something when you are about 15-16 weeks." : http://answers.ask.com/Health/Reprod...feel_my_uterus

Also, google image search for the words "Fundal height" and you'll get tons of diagrams showing you the normal rate of growth and how it's measured.

It's within normal to be a few centimeters off in one direction or another (e.g. in my last pregnancy I consistently measured 5-6cm ahead throughout... which would normally be a sign of multiples, but he was just exceptionally big). And like others have said, other factors can be keloid scar tissue from a prior cesarean, being multiparas, etc... but those too are only going to bump it up by a few weeks. Definitely not months.
A larger-than-expected fundal height by the amount that you're suggesting could indicate: fibroids, multiples, or that your dates are way off (by a month or more). What has your care provider said when palpating?
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Thank you for the links. They are definately on track for how my first pregnancy was. That's why I'm so confused this time around. It probably is multiparas. That's the only one that makes sense. Well, I guess I could have fibroids or something but I've had ultrasounds before (not with this pregnancy) and they never mentioned anything. So yeah, it likely is still just large from having given birth before. Becuase my dates are definately correct and even multiples wouldn't explain this so early.

I haven't told any docs yet. I actually just got a call from a midwife so when I see her for our first appt I will ask her about this.
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One more quick factoid to consider: at 5 weeks your baby is 4mm long. That does not yet stretch your uterus at all. Your uterus is probably as big now as it was before you conceived.
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Yea... pretty much impossibly early.

Do you think it's possible that my uterus has always been this big since having DS, only now it's harder since there's a baby in it?
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Not unless you've got a nice set of fibroids in there. Your uterus is about the size of your fist on average, and even after having a baby (or two, or three) the difference in size is about 25ml worth on average.
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Oh. Well that's good to know. We may have an issue then...
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