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Salt Lake Preschool Coop

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Anyone interested in forming a Salt Lake City preschool coop?

Here is what I am wanting:

- A small group of 3-5 year olds, maybe about 5 total? And any younger siblings if needed.
- Meet for a few hours (9:30 to 12:30?) once a week at either my home or rotating homes. I live in East Millcreek Area.
- Two moms always stay to guide the children. Take turns guiding; one mom is main teacher; second mom is helper and/or baby distraction. Of course all moms can stay too; do what is best for your family. Younger siblings can be involved, but for some activities/crafts we will need to play with them in a different area or have a younger version for them. I think if younger sibling stays, their mama should stay too.
- Each session is planned by that weeks main guide, and involves (if there is at least 4 of us, we only each need to plan once a month!):
1. Begin with circle time, signing a few songs and reading a seasonal story.
2. One organized activity, such as a seasonal craft/art/baking project/etc
3. Healthy Snack provided by Host.
4. Free play for rest of session. Maybe incorporate an outside walk too.
5. Maybe end with a packed lunch together?
- I lean towards a mix of Waldorf/Montessori/Unschooling philosophies, and realize that we don't need to do much schooling for preschool ages. I just want to create a regular group of peers/friends for my 3.5-year-old. I think the kids would enjoy some structure and doing activities together rather than just a free playdate the whole time.
-Another note: I am using the word "guide" instead of "teach". I am not looking for formal school lessons to be taught (like learning letters, numbers, etc)...although I am not entirely opposed, eg Having some kind of letter of the day might be fun. And if a child is not interested in doing the organized activity, I would want them to feel free to play/read whatever they want. Though I imagine most kids would be interested in most activities (my DDs are always excited).
- I am waiting for a preschool Waldorf book to come in the mail, and have looked at some books from the library and websites; I have planning resources to share! If you wanted, we could have a monthly Moms Night Out to plan the each month's "curriculum".
- This is what I've thought about, but I am interested in new ideas too!

We personally are involved with other groups for playdates/field trips (I am one of the LLL Playgroup organizers) but are sorely lacking in playmates my DD1s age as well as regular friends.

If you're interested, message me and we can plan a meeting to see how everyone meshes.


Mel Cotter, mama to DD1 (3.5 yrs) and DD2 (1.5 yrs)...thinking about a third!
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I don't know about forming one (I'm a busy student at the moment) but my son attends a preschool co-op 2 days a week. It's called CCNS and it's awesome!!

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My 3yo DD and I would love to do this. We live in West Jordan.
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Just PM'd you! We're also in Millcreek.
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I would be really interested in this as well! We just moved to Salt Lake and we practice Montessori at home (I was a Montessori kid until first grade). We are in the Holladay neighborhood.

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I would LOVE this for my daughter! She'll be three in February and definitely needs the chance to make some friends. We live in West Jordan.


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I know this is a very old post but wondering if you are still interested in participating in a group or know of anyone that is. I am very interested!

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