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Need help to find a CD system like g diapers

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My 16 mo old DS is very skinny and small for his age. He's about 19 lbs only.

I still have him in Pampers, but after their Drymax debacle, have decided to finally make the switch to CD.

I would like a CD that meets the following criteria:

1) Reusable covers between changing unless they get dirty

2) Don't want to have to use pre-folds and then put on a cover and then have to put on pants on my DS. He cries at all his changings and doing three steps is just too much. So, I'm looking for a system where the cloth is put into the cover ahead of time (like the g diapers) and is as quick to put on and take off as a disposable.

3) Are not bulky so pants will easily fit (though I hear you should go up a pant size when using CDs).

Does such a product exist?

I just bought three of the Thirsties Duo diapers, as the one size option at this age appealed to me, but they are expensive and the thought of having to put the whole diaper in the wash each time just isn't cost effective for me (especially when I added up the price of how many I would need), so I'm returning them.

I'm open to other options if there is something I'm missing.
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Best Bottoms might meet your needs.
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The Bum Genius Flip diapers sound like they would work really well for you!
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Definitely check out the Flip diaper system and also Grovia. I think Flip would suit your needs the best, though.

You could also prestuff your covers with trifolded prefolds rather than pinning or snappi'ing. I usually do this in the morning or when I fold laundry--just grab a few covers and lay in a trifolded prefold. That way I can just grab the whole thing when I go to change the diaper.

The Flips are super trim, especially with the stay dry insert.
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I like my Flips - I have the stay dry version - they are quite trim. If you like sposie inserts, use the gDiaper sposie inserts in the flips, they are wider, and I can buy them locally at any BRU which is a plus for me.

Grobaby/Grovia are trimmer through the crotch area though - but you are far more likely to need a new cover with each change with this diaper than the Flips (at least that is what I have found)
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i dont have these but supposedly they give an amazing fit and they are cheaper too

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not one size, but we do the gDiapers with their gCloth inserts. you can also stick in a tri-folded prefold as an insert. their sizing is such that we started DD in Mediums when she was 13lbs, and she'll be in the same size through potty learning, but she's a slow grower. If we did need to size up though, just the covers size up, the inserts for the M&L are the same.
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As others have mentioned the flip system is great. Another good one for skinny legs is Softbums. It has a snap in insert you change if the shell is not soiled. These are one of my DD's favorite diapers on her skinny legged babies. They have a adjustable leg system.
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I just got two gDipes to travel with and very quickly discovered that they very easily fit both tripple-folded pre-folds and the cloth liners that I have. My LO can use the liner only...he's pretty dry I guess.

Fit: Mine guy is also skinny for his height and the gDipe fits him really well. I just go a size smaller. It's also way less bulky under his clothes and I can use his actual-size clothing with them (his actual size clothing is also small....he's 10 months old but wearing 3-6 and 6-9 clothing). I like that I can pre-stuff, that I can use either cloth or the gDipes in there and I like the the fit. I may just switch when we get home!

(hijack: I bought these liners used for next to nothing and I want more, but I don't know what brand they are. They're long with a t-shape at one end. The other end can be folded to wherever you need extra absorbancy. I LOVE them! They're flannel and terry. What are they?!)
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